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William Regal: Everything said in promo battle with ‘entitled prick’ MJF was real

All Elite Wrestling

Even for two people known as great talkers, the segment with William Regal and Maxwell Jacob Friedman from the Oct. 18 AEW Dynamite was exemplary work.

According to Regal, that’s because they were just recounting their actual history — which involved MJF working as an extra on WWE television and then soliciting continued feedback on his work from WWE’s then-head of recruiting. And apparently, Regal and Friedman were expressing their real feelings, too.

At least that’s what Regal said on his Gentleman Villain podcast...

“He seems to think the world revolves around him. Entitlement. That’s what it is. It’s entitlement...

“What I said was real. If all it took was for you to get an extra email, that I told you not to send me, to get you fired up to be this good as what you’re doing, job done. It’s actually sad that you let that be a problem for seven years.

“He doesn’t remember this, it’s common knowledge now. Not long after we met, I had two bleeds on the brain and WWE kept me completely isolated and stopped emails from coming in, being incredibly brilliant to me because I was having treatment. I was having amnesia and two bleeds on the brain.

“They stopped all emails coming to me. There were a lot of people, Ricky Starks being one of them. Sammy Guevara being another. That sort of went on the missing list for a long time. You don’t hear them moaning about me. He’s made it into something else.”

“I don’t think people realize how much I used to put into that job. And obviously, my health went into that job. And it’s paid off for a lot of people. There’s a lot of people who have benefited from me doing that. Those people will tell you before I ever got that job because I was always doing that for extras. How come he is the only person in this entire industry who’s got some gripe against me about that? Perhaps he’s just a prick. Perhaps he’s just an absolute prick. An entitled prick who needs to grow up a bit. And that’s what he needs.

“I don’t care how good he is. He’s 26 if he’s still whining and moaning about that. Good for him. And good for him when he gets in the ring with somebody like Jon Moxley, who’s never acted entitled and who’s grown up very, very hard. Good for him. He’s gonna get battered. Right? Not just physically and whatever happens in wrestling mentally. Jon Moxley right now is ahead of the game on this fella because it’s like, what’s he moaning at?

“I’m gonna tell you this straight. The other day there was Jon Moxley and a couple of us, a couple of the older crew going, ‘How would he have coped years ago? How would he have got through any of that? If just an email sent him off, and he’s getting all wound up?’ No matter how talented he is. If you think that you’re gonna get wrapped up in cotton wool. Tough, right? And he’s got himself into a position now where his main eventing pay-per-views.

“God help him if he had to go through any actual real-life like most independent wrestlers. I don’t care if you get to that spot. That’s why I was saying to him good job. And I meant it. Good job. You’ve managed from 19 to 26. You’re getting incredible paydays. You’re getting all this praise. But really, it’s just nonsense. Because you’ve skipped — you’ve had it as easy as you can possibly have it. In his head, he’s probably got it hard, but what’s he done?”

You buying what they’re selling here? And who are you rooting for in this battle between the hard scrabble Blackpool Combat Club and the privileged prodigy from Long Island?

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