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Let’s review the list of ROH World champions to see who Chris Jericho can conquer

Chris Jericho’s current mission to desecrate the legacy of Ring of Honor is a golden idea. I’m loving the ride thus far, and it has me wondering about potential challengers on AEW and ROH broadcasting. Let’s examine the names to see who makes the list.

As current ROH world champion, Jericho wants to disgrace all former holders of that title. The ROH World Championship has been won by 31 wrestlers, including Jericho. A few names will not make the cut due to being employed by WWE. James Gibson (aka Jamie Noble), Tyler Black (aka Seth Rollins), Roderick Strong, Kevin Steen (aka Kevin Owens), and Cody Rhodes are off the list.

Austin Aries and Michael Elgin have baggage and might not be worth the squeeze to risk backlash public reaction. Cross them off the list, even though, those two would likely have great matches with Le Champion that I would want to see.

Xavier is sadly no longer with us. Takeshi Morishima, Nigel McGuinness, and Jerry Lynn are in various stages of retirement. Two of those are probably safe to cross off the list. Lynn is a question mark. He took a heinous piledriver on stage from Jericho on Tuesday night Dynamite. Lynn is 59 years old, so odds are that the scene acted as a checkmark of success for Jericho’s quest. However, it would be pretty cool to see Lynn versus Jericho as a legends match. For now, I’m going to say Lynn is out.

Oh yeah, can’t forget about CM Punk. At this moment in time, his return to AEW seems highly doubtful after a backstage melee with the Elite. Punk is off the list.

Jericho already beat Claudio Castagnoli, Bandido, Bryan Danielson, and Dalton Castle. I think it is safe to say no rematches will be issued to Bandido and Castle. Claudio is already pining for another round, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Danielson is the one to ultimately end Jericho’s reign of dishonor in the end. Claudio and Danielson stay on the list.

The rest of the names appear to be fair game, depending on circumstances. Davey Richards is the current MLW national openweight champion. I don’t think MLW would want their titleholder to lose on national television, especially when there is little to no benefit to them. Same for Homicide. He currently holds the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship. Eddie Edwards is in an Impact storyline about his hatred for ROH. His group is called Honor No More. Edwards defending ROH would make no sense as a Forbidden Door crossover. As of today, I’d cross all three off the list. Depending on how long this Jericho story lasts, circumstances may change allowing an appearance.

Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly are out with injuries at the moment. Even though I am not a fan of Cole, I have to admit that it would be intriguing to see him return as a face to confront Jericho. That could breathe new life into Cole’s AEW career. Jericho versus O’Reilly would be a neat tactical battle. I’d be curious to see both matchups, but they are off the list as of this moment.

Now we’re getting to the interesting names.

Low Ki and Jonathan Gresham earn a ‘hell yeah’ as surprises to challenge Jericho. Match quality would be hot in a technical duel if Jericho brings the Lionheart.

This next batch presents a heel versus heel dilemma. Jay Lethal, Rush, and Matt Taven are veering evil. Taven has the same issue as Eddie Edwards. Plus, Taven is focused with Mike Bennett on winning the ROH tag titles from FTR. I could see Jericho giving Taven a pass if the Kingdom shows proper respect. The idea of Rush versus Jericho has me salivating as a match I didn’t know I wanted until I saw their names paired together. Rush’s motives would be better explained by using the ROH world title as a means to gain more monetary means rather than any honor in defending ROH. That mini story could work, and I’d love to see the fight. Lethal is a different case. Even though he’s a bad guy, he clearly cherishes the ROH lineage.

The final four are a doozy with Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Jay Briscoe, and PCO. Daniels can have one last hurrah for ROH before he sails away into the sunset. Jericho versus Joe is a PPV level encounter. The issue of Joe’s ROH TV title could be remedied by Jericho demanding Joe vacate as a condition for the world title bout. That would also set up an opportunity for a proper TV tournament once ROH gets an official deal, which could come next year. It would be wild seeing Briscoe’s brand of zaniness interact with Jericho. PCO would be a hoot as the French-Canadian Frankenstein making Jericho shake in his boots. PCO would be a Forbidden Door arrival through Impact.

As a fan, my top five picks would be Lynn, Joe, Briscoe, Rush, and PCO. In terms of who will actually defeat Jericho, my top guess would be Danielson. A long shot would be patching things up with Punk as a surprise. Third is the culmination of the Daniel Garcia storyline when little brother beats big brother.

Which former ROH world title holders do you most want to see wrestle Jericho? Who do you hope challenges Jericho at the Final Battle PPV on December 10?

All honor the Ocho.

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