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Hangman Page stretchered out, match stopped early after legitimate injury in AEW main event

The main event of tonight’s (Oct. 18) episode of Tuesday night Dynamite saw Jon Moxley defend the AEW world championship against Hangman Adam Page. This match has been hyped up ever since Page won the Grand Slam Golden Ticket Battle Royal last month in New York City. MJF decided to watch this bout from his skybox in the arena, clutching the oversized poker chip that grants him a world title match any time he wants it.

Page was offended that Moxley doubted his manhood in the weeks leading up to this match, so he took the fight to the champ in the middle of his entrance. This culminated with a high risk moonsault from the cowboy that hit its mark.

Hometown hero Moxley was busted open soon thereafter. Things were going well for the challenger when he planted Mox with Dead-Eye right on the ring apron. However, it was around this time that the commentary team noted that MJF was gone from the skybox and nowhere in sight.

Before we could see where that thread was going, Moxley blasted Hangman with a lariat. Hangman went down and couldn’t get up. The medical team hit the ring and officials called off the match. Moxley was declared the winner and remains the AEW world champion. Here’s the bump Page took that ended the match:

Commentary was clearly stalling for time afterwards, as there were about 10 minutes left in the broadcast and Page was being stretchered out of the ring. Taz’ tone of voice on commentary was that of a man who was legitimately concerned for the well-being of Page.

After a few minutes of commentary hyping up Rampage, Page was out of the ring and Mox grabbed the mic. He said he’s praying for Page and hopes he will recover and be back at 100% soon.

Moxley then challenged MJF to bring his ass to the ring right now. MJF’s music hit and he charged out with the poker chip and a referee. MJF took his shirt off and teased that he was going to challenge for the title right there, but he rolled out of the ring and saved his title match for another day.

Maxwell grabbed the mic and said he’s going to cash the chip in when Moxley is at full strength so there are no excuses. He wants Moxley at 100%, so he’s cashing the chip in at Full Gear on Nov. 19. Calling back to his promo with William Regal from earlier in the night, MJF said for the first time in his life, he’s going to earn it.

Moxley said the only thing MJF is going to earn is his boot in his ass. Just like that, the main event for Full Gear is official.

On the surface, it appears the match between Moxley and Page was called early after Page suffered a legitimate injury. AEW needed to stall for time to safely remove him from the ring, and then MJF and Moxley proceeded with a variation of the originally planned ending for the show.

We’ll bring you more on Page’s status as we have it, Cagesiders.

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