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Make sure you watch this fire promo between MJF and William Regal

Tonight’s (Oct. 18) special Tuesday night episode of AEW Dynamite promised we would hear from MJF and William Regal. Little did we know that we would get them both in the same segment.

It started off with Tony Schiavone in the ring ready to interview Regal, but MJF immediately interrupted. Regal anticipated violence and pulled out his brass knuckles. MJF assured him he wasn’t there looking for a fight.

MJF proceeded to tell a very long story about how Regal promised him a job after seeing how great he was as a WWE extra many years ago, but William ultimately tried to end the 19-year-old’s dream with a very shitty email. Maxwell read the email out loud, with the fans completely behind him:

MJF almost ended it all after he received Regal’s email, but he instead used it as motivation to bust his ass and become the 26-year-old generational talent that he is today. Meanwhile, Regal became a sad old man who was fired by WWE and is now infesting MJF’s wrestling company like a rat.

Regal was loudly booed as he grabbed the mic to respond. He cut a fire promo himself, and said the whole point of his email was to light a fire under MJF’s ass so that he would become the star he is today. He then explained why MJF has let him down as a villain and why he shouldn’t have put his hands on Schiavone a few weeks ago:

Regal actually left MJF speechless after he turned his back and challenged MJF to prove that he’s the devil. MJF put his diamond ring on, preparing to strike, but he didn’t go through with it.

Where do you think this story is going, Cagesiders?

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