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Eddie Kingston is out of control again

Eddie Kingston is a wild man who sometimes becomes his own worst enemy. That was evident when he grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory against Sammy Guevara last month. Kingston earned the submission decision, but his refusal to release the hold forced referee Paul Turner to reverse the result. Sammy was gifted the official win.

Kingston was in action on Dark for the first time since that bout, and his attitude almost cost him a trip to the pay window for the winner’s purse. Kingston tagged with Ortiz against Mo Jabari and Jake O’Reilly. Ortiz handled business to finish O’Reilly on a fisherman’s buster for victory. Immediately afterward, Kingston stomped into the ring for a stretch plum on O’Reilly after the bell. Kingston was dangerously close to referee Bryce Remsburg reversing the decision. Ortiz had to talk sense into his teammate to release the hold.

Watch the scene for yourself. This should give us a glimpse in what to expect from Kingston for his latest character direction on AEW television.

It will be interesting to see how many wins become void if Kingston continues with this goon behavior. After the Sammy match, Kingston put the blame on AEW for sticking him in the ring with disgusting people. In this case on Dark, Kingston has no excuse. O’Reilly never stepped out of line during the match, as far as I could tell, to deserve that extra serving of pain. Kingston himself appears to be the scumbag on this occasion.

There are rarely consequences from AEW for such misdeeds. That’s not isolated to Kingston. For example, Chris Jericho’s fireballs were never met with sanctions.

With no accountability, Kingston can descend into madness. A true Mad King, indeed.

Do you like this potential character direction for Eddie Kingston?

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