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Let’s check in on Andrade during his time away from AEW

Andrade has been off AEW television since being sent home on October 5 after a backstage skirmish with Sammy Guevara. AEW never publicly announced a suspension for Andrade, but that seems to be the case. Let’s check in on El Idolo to see how he’s spending his time away from AEW.

It appears that Andrade is counting the days out of action, and he’s doing it from a beach resort.

Charlotte Flair is along for the ride sailing the crystal blue seas.

Take a peak at their culinary delights.

Andrade and Charlotte shared a dance as well.

Andrade is certainly making the most of his time to focus on enjoying every day. It’s funny that he’s supposed to be punished, and here he is living the good life. Stick it to the boss man.

Maybe this vacation will be a blessing in disguise for Andrade to let the past go and step into the future, as he says. There is still a lot for El Idolo to accomplish in AEW. Due to recent rumors of unhappiness in his current work situation, a cynic could interpret that idea as leaving AEW in the past and spending his future in WWE. Time will tell. Ah yes, the fun of dissecting random statements on the internet.

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