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Saraya confirms WWE reports, talks wrestling in AEW and that promo

All Elite Wrestling

Since Saraya debuted in AEW, we’ve heard multiple reports about her dealings with her former employers at WWE.

During her appearance on the latest Talk Is Jericho, the wrestler formerly known as Paige gave Chris Jericho her latest account of what happened:

“Hunter did reach out to me and he wanted to talk to me. He thought it was my decision because he wasn’t there at the time. He thought it was my decision to leave. ‘No, bro [laughs]. It was Vince [McMahon] and Johnny [Laurinaitis].’

“We got talking, but then I sat and talked to you guys [AEW], and I was like, man, I miss that side of wrestling where you can pitch your own ideas and you can just have fun. I haven’t felt excited about wrestling in a very long time, so the first day of being here, it was awesome. Everyone is so nice. It’s crazy just how different it can feel,

“... I was thinking about it [returning to WWE]. Again, I don’t have issues with WWE. I just wish that some things were done differently, that’s the only thing I have against them. There are so many years where I could have been utilized more.

“My friends were around me, I was so depressed about it. I was thinking about going back there. Then I spoke to you, I spoke to Mox, I was speaking to Britt [Baker]. I got on the phone with Tony [Khan] and he was so excited. I was like, ‘I think I’m going to give this a shot.’”

On two other Saraya-related topics, the 30 year old told Jericho her surgically repaired neck is healthy and feels great, but she wants to take it slow with regards to getting physical in the ring. She wants to work smarter & safer than she did in WWE prior to her retirement, and no longer be a “bump monkey.”

Saraya & Jericho also discussed her much-criticized return promo from the Sept. 28 Dynamite, saying she should have conferred with him or Jon Moxley before attempting her first unscripted promo after years of working from a WWE-approved script. Saraya joked that ring announcer Justin Roberts was mouthing words for her, but it didn’t help.

Give Saraya’s entire visit to Talk Is Jericho a listen here.

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