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Orange Cassidy wins his first title in AEW

PAC was the only man to have held the AEW All Atlantic championship since it was introduced at Forbidden Door back in June. But when his latest defense got the main event spot on the Oct. 12 Dynamite from Toronto, you got the sense his old rival Orange Cassidy might leave Canada as the second-ever All Atlantic champ.

But then the Bastard caught an OC dive and spiked him to the floor right on his Orange Punch arm, and there was some doubt.

He followed that up with a Tombstone Piledriver on the ramp, and it looked like Cassidy might lose by countout. Momentum swung when Orange heroically reached the ring at nine and escaped a Brutalizer, and swung back when PAC kicked out after an Orange Punch.

But the finish we were expecting came after Danhausen stopped the champ (hey, he’s still 13 of the Trios champions) from getting ring bell hammer. Even after referee Bryce Remsburg confiscated the weapon and PAC retrieved a second hammer from under the ring, Cassidy stopped him in his tracks with a stiff shot. Orange thought about using the hammer himself to avenge his friend Trent, whom PAC used it on in another defense last Friday on Rampage, but opted not to, on Remsburg’s counsel.

An Orange Punch later, and we he’d won his first title in AEW.

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