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AEW will no longer air on Warners-owned network in Mexico, Central & South America

Last night (Sept. 30), AEW tweeted an announcement about how most fans south of the U.S. border watch their shows:

To our fans in Mexico, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean... we want to thank you for watching AEW on Space. However, we have an update to share. As of September 30, AEW content will no longer be available on Space, with the exception of Brazil. Starting October 1, you can continue watching AEW programming on ‘AEW Plus.’ AEW Plus will exclusively stream all of AEW’s weekly shows including AEW Dynamite, AEW Rampage, AEW Dark, AEW Dark: Elevation, and Battle of the Belts.

There’s been relatively little fanfare about the announcement. And maybe there doesn’t need to be. Customers in the countries effected seem pleased, as apparently the Spanish-language commentary on the Space broadcast was so bad most prefer to watch AEW programming in English. While discussing the change with fans on Twitter, the network made it clear they had no control over the announcing. With all programming now streaming on Fite via the AEW Plus service, folks in Mexico, Central & South America (except for Brazil, where apparently the Portuguese commentators are pretty good) can now pay to get a commercial-free version of what we see in the States.

Space is also a pay channel (although they also put content on their YouTube channel). $6.99 per month for AEW Plus might just be seen as a better deal, even without the commentary issues.

It’s still a tad curious this isn’t bigger news, though. There’s been so much emphasis placed on AEW’s next television contract here in the U.S., and the status of their relationship with Warner Bros Discovery post-merger. The abrupt end of an arrangement with a Warners-owned network like Space seems like something worth talking about. And the announcement being made late on a Friday night after Rampage ends makes it seem like something AEW doesn’t want us talking about.

But perhaps it’s just a precursor to an upgraded presentation for fans in those countries? Time will tell. For now, it’s a heads up for Mexican and Central & South American viewers... one delivered in English, just like the shows now will be.

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