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Rey Fenix, Jake Atlas suffer injuries at AEW’s Newark show

The latest on the gruesome one Fenix suffered in Dynamite’s main event, and one that led to Atlas being helped to the back during the Rampage taping that followed.

If you watched the main event of the Jan.5 episode of Dynamite, you know that Rey Fenix got hurt on the spot where Luchasaurus chokeslammed off the apron through a table on the floor. The replay made it even cleared that his arm was caught underneath him and bent back near the elbow in an unnatural way.

WARNING: This video graphically depicts the injury from multiple angles.

Medical staff immediately rushed to Fenix’s side, and he did not factor in the finish of the match (nor did it seem like he was supposed to). PWInsider reported he was rushed to the back for evaluation, and shortly after that Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez and’s Cassidy Haynes tweeted the Lucha Bro suffered a broken arm and was heading to the hospital.

Insider was also among the first to share word that the newly signed Jake Atlas was hurt in his match on Rampage. The following contains spoilers for Friday’s show, although the match with Adam Cole was made on the Dynamite broadcast and the outcome is not a surprise:

While executing a springboard from the apron into the ring, Atlas was hit by Adam Cole with a superkick. Atlas hurt his knee coming down and began grabbing at it.

Atlas had trouble putting weight on his knee but still pulled himself up to get in position as they attempted to go for a Panama Sunrise to set up the finish but Atlas was unable to take the spot. Cole instead grabbed him in a kneebar and Atlas tapped.

Atlas was helped out by AEW officials.

A follow-up report from the site says Atlas “blew out his knee”, but notes the severity is unknown. Alvarez later tweeted Jake is scheduled for an MRI.

We’ll keep you posted on both men, hoping for a good diagnosis for Atlas and that Fenix’s arm isn’t as bad as it looked in that video.

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