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Young Bucks use Twitter bio to reveal Matt Jackson has COVID

The Young Bucks, who have taken to using Twitter through blurbs posted on their bio, a brilliant strategy that avoids allowing anyone to replay or quote tweet them, used that method to break some news today.


Matt Jackson has COVID-19.

According to Bryan Alvarez and the Wrestling Observer, Brandon Cutler also has it and because Nick Jackson is considered a close contact, he, too, will be missing from AEW Dynamite this week. The trio weren’t previously announced for a segment, but if they were ever in the plans they obviously won’t be anymore.

Nick had a particularly bad case of it all the way back in late 2020, where he said he was bed ridden for three weeks and had various issues related to the virus for months after contracting it.

Let’s hope both Matt and Brandon have an easier time and get back healthy much sooner rather than later.

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