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CM Punk extends an invitation to Kazuchika Okada

The Forbidden Door between AEW and New Japan has been open for open for almost a year now. It’s led to some cool moments, but (no disrespect to the legendary Minoru Suzuki or one of my personal favorites Tomohiro Ishii) it hasn’t quite topped those early KENTA/Jon Moxley interactions of late winter/early spring 2020.

Maybe that’s about to change? Omicron would seem to say “no”, but after his CHAOS faction established a foothold in AEW, NJPW’s Kazuchika Okada did an interview recently talking about dream matches with CM Punk & Bryan Danielson.

Now, Punk has responded, sending New Japan’s current Ace the address of the United Center in his beloved hometown along with a GIF of Andy Dufresne’s own Rainmaker moment from The Shawshank Redemption, and telling Okada to pay him a visit sometime...

Okada was in the United States for a quick run of NJPW of America dates last year. Could he swing by the Windy City the next time he’s here? Perhaps it coincide with AEW’s annual trip to Chicagoland for All Out?

There’d be a lot of happy fans in the U.S. and Japan if that happened. Although KENTA will probably be pissed if he doesn’t get first shot at the guy who took his finisher...

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