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Danhausen wrote a very nice theme song for Billy Gunn’s sons

Danhausen arrived in AEW as a hidden surprise under the ring in the Lights Out match between Adam Cole and Orange Cassidy on Dynamite. He was quickly signed by Tony Khan to be All Elite.

It was an odd way to debut, so Danhausen explained his motivation to soften up Cole for decimation.

No doubt Cole will have an eye on the very evil, very elite Danhausen. Cole won’t be the only person with a bone to pick. Billy Gunn’s sons have Danhausen to blame for the Ass Boys moniker.

Danhausen offered an olive branch of peace by writing the lyrics to a theme song for Austin Gunn and Colten Gunn. Enjoy the musical masterpiece from Two Minutes To Late Night called Billy Ass and the Ass Boys.

Here’s the lyrics as best as I can understand them:

We’re the Ass Boys,
We’re the Ass Boys,
Billy Ass and the Ass Boys,
We’re the Ass Boys,
Billy Ass and the Ass Boys.

It’s our last name,
We were born with them,
We did not chose them,
We won’t shove them,
We will not pick them,
Thank you, Danhausen,
Who were we fooling,
No double dealing,
We are not swearing,
So many Asses,
One family tree,
We can prove it with a 23andMe.


We’re not swearing,
Our grandpa changed it at Ellis Island,
It used to be Hindquarters,
Now, we’re just Ass Boys,
We are the Ass Boys,
We’re not your boy toys,
One day we’ll be Ass Men,
Still won’t be swearing,
Our name is Ass,
We are set free,
There’s enough to go around for you, and you, and me.


It’s our last name.

(Rocking guitar solo)

It’s our last name,
You can swear when you’re on TV,
It’s a real life name,
Technically, it’s not swearing because,
We’re the Ass Boys.


It’s their last name!

Billy Ass and The Ass Boys is a pretty catchy tune, but Colten was not amused.

Neither was Austin.

Did you enjoy Danhausen’s very nice gift to the Ass Boys?

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