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Danhausen is All Elite, still Very Nice, Very Evil

It wasn’t the debut a lot of people were expecting when AEW rolled into Cleveland, but fans were pretty excited to see Danhausen make an appearance during the Lights Out main event of Beach Break on Jan. 26.

It wasn’t just a one-off, either. Tony Khan gave the Very Nice, Very Evil former Ring of Honor wrestler the official tweet during Orange Cassidy vs. Adam Cole.

The gimmick isn’t for everyone (he speaks in a weird voice, adds “hausen” to the end of words, and might be a demon trying to be good, or who’s too innocent to understand how to be evil), but he’s gotten over on the indies and online. Since breaking his leg in November, he’s live tweeted AEW shows, and gave The Gunn Club a nickname that Billy has embraced, but his sons have not...

Now he’s here to make the Ass Boys lives miserable, and some other folks he plagued in ROH and on the independent scene a headache.

Who’s excited-hausen?

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