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AEW & Orange Cassidy give the people what they want

Danhausen, and a good stage spot to give Adam Cole his first (unofficial) loss since coming over from WWE.

The light were out and AEW wasn’t responsible for anything that happened during the main event of the Beach Break edition of Dynamite. Adam Cole and Orange Cassidy have been feuding since Cole arrived from WWE, and Jan. 26’s no disqualification, no rules affair was designed to settle things once and for all.

It was a hard-hitting affair from the jump, and it didn’t waste time surprising us. Even Danhausen seemed caught off-guard when Cole pulled him out from under the ring along with a steel chair.

That allowed OC to take control, but only briefly. Cole blocked a punch with the ring bell, and Orange was clearly in pain.

A follow-up attack during a commercial saw Cassidy’s hand bloodied when it was smashed between the ring post and steps. The hand remained a factor as all manner of plunder came into play. OC got some time to recover while Bobby Fish, The Young Bucks, Best Friends and Roppongi Vice ran in and took each other out.

That allowed him to hit his Orange Punch. And when he was in agony after hitting that move, Cole went for his familiar low blow — but Cassidy was ready there too. He was wearing a cup with thumbtacks on it!

The action spilled backstage, where Cole used Jerry Lynn for cover. There were big spots there, but the biggest was saved for the finish. Cassidy was prone for a move off the scaffolding, but he caught up to Cole before he could launch his attack. There he gave the people what they want, hugging his opponent and launching them through the stage (props for not using cardboard this time, too). OC landed on top, and got the three count to hand Cole his first singles loss.

Not that it will count on his record (another wrinkle of the Lights Out stipulation), but one for the good guys anyway.

Get complete results and coverage of everything that happened on tonight’s Dynamite‘s here.

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