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Renee Paquette goes in on Bully Ray’s ‘trash take’ about Jon Moxley

Renee Young’s Instagram

After Jon Moxley returned from several months off to get treatment for alcohol abuse, Bully Ray used his spot on Sirius XM’s Busted Open to suggest Mox should have apologized to fans for missing time with AEW.

Moxley’s wife Renee Paquette, along with her friend Paige, were among those slamming Bully for his take. Now, on the latest edition of the Throwing Down podcast she does with Miesha Tate, Renee went into much more detail on her husband’s return, and Ray’s opinion.

After being expectedly favorable and understandably proud in her review of Moxley’s comeback promo on the Jan. 19 Dynamite, Paquette tackled the WWE Hall of Famer and his “trash take”:

“I hate even having to talk about this because it’s stupid, and it’s annoying, and I don’t even want to pay it any more attention. Honestly, the whole thing, this Bully Ray thing — I saw it all over my Twitter, and I was like, ‘Do I even want to address this?’ But it’s that thing where people can talk shit about me all day long and whatever, it’s fine. You talk shit about my husband, about my family? That becomes more personal to me, and that bothers me more.

“It also bothers me because Bully is somebody who I’ve always really enjoyed, I’ve always really liked Bully, I always thought I had a good relationship with him — despite other people not having a good relationship with him, or him having burned bridges other places and leaving a bad taste in other people’s mouths. I’ve never had that situation with him. So now to be on the receiving end of it, sucks. I have not talked to him since this has all gone down. He certainly has my phone number. He certainly has my husband’s phone number. But like [Dave] LaGreca said, he was out at Northeast Wrestling over the weekend, I know Bully was with him [Moxley made a surprise appearance at the NEW show Sat., Jan. 22].

“There could not be a more bullshit, trash take, than that...

“He took time off to take care of himself. Him being there and having longevity in this business is plenty. The guy’s already put his body through the ringer with the job that he does, with the style of wrestling that he works. He loves wrestling, he loves this business. So for Bully to think he also needs to apologize to people on top of that — honestly my first reaction to it was, I just thought it was like some shock jock shit, where he doesn’t actually think that. There’s no way he actually believes that Jon needs to apologize for taking time off to better himself. Which by the way, three months is also nothing, in the scope of what wrestling is and also in the scope of his life — three months is nothing. So for him to go and do the things he needed to do for himself, for our family, for our daughter — that’s for us and not anybody else.

“I could not be more proud of him for doing that, in a business that is so notorious with addiction issues, we’ve seen the untimely passing of so many wrestlers. It has been a thing that has affected the business for such a long time, it’s a stigma that comes with the business. So the fact that Jon is one of those guys, in the spot that he’s in and he’s going against the grain and doing the things that he needs to do, I think speaks volumes to the fans. Not even just the fans — to people inside the business, to the other boys in the back, to the girls in the back, that might be going through a similar thing. Happens to so many people, it’s unfortunately so common. He went and did what he had to do. No apologies necessary...

“Bully has not apologized for it. I don’t need Bully to apologize for it. I assure you, Jon could give a shit. It’s annoying to even be talking about it at this point. The fact that Jon is back in wrestling and he looks like a million bucks, and he feels good, and for us all to see this massive change in him is fantastic. That’s the takeaway.”

Since it’s wrestling, somebody had to ask if this whole thing was a work. That person was Tate, and her podcasting partner was quick to dismiss the idea:

“There’s no payoff, and there never will be... This isn’t an angle. They’re not gonna have a payoff with a match or anything like that... It just seems like a really shitty take... He’s just being a shit head.”

And that, as they say, is that.

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