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The greatest moment from another great night for HOOK

If right now you’re thinking, “Jeez, is this guy just gonna gush about HOOK again?” then (a) yes, and (b) you may have clicked on the wrong link, friend-o.

Now that it’s just us HOOKers and the HOOK-curious, let’s talk about the Jan. 21 Rampage from Washington, D.C.

Our guy ran his record to 4-0 with a one minute destruction of Serpentico. And it was glorious. HOOK attacked just after the Chaos Project member did the gimmick where he shoots streamers out of the sleeves of his robe, kicking his ass before he could take off said robe and while they were both caught up in the steamers. He also did it almost exclusively with judo throws.

Somehow, that wasn’t the best part. After locking in (and refusing to release) REDRUM, QT Marshall appeared to bemoan the HOOK hype. On screen, this probably seemed like it was just a callback to HOOK taking The Factory’s leader apart a few weeks back. But I was fortunate enough to be in the audience at the thrillingly-named Entertainment & Sports Arena last night, and AEW built Marshall up for this spot all night. He ran his mouth twice during the Dark taping that preceded Rampage, even pointing out that we didn’t want to see him again when he came out the second time.

When he stepped to HOOK, we were primed to see QT get thrown. When it happened, we loved it. But not as much as we loved what HOOK did next...

That step over just looks like some more cold blooded shiz. But for folks who follow pro roundball, it was also a homage to one of the coolest moments in NBA history: Allen Iverson drilling a jumper in Ty Lue’s face to steal Game 1 of the 2001 NBA Finals, then deliberately and disrespectfully high stepping over Lue right where he landed on his ass.

Iverson was a Philadelphia 76er, but this was still a moment designed for the D.C. faithful. A.I. is from Virginia, and played his college ball at Georgetown.

It was another brilliant little touch in the so far flawless rollout of HOOK.

GIFs from Rampage via BackFlipToPancake on tumblr

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