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Taz was ‘a mess’ before HOOK’s first match. HOOK was like, ‘whatever’

2point0 may be bastards on television, but they seem like good dudes in real life. They’re definitely good at the whole podcasting thing, because they got Taz on the record about the greatest moment in the history of our sport — HOOK’s in-ring debut on the Dec. 10, 2021 Rampage on Long Island.

The ECW legend and AEW commentator was a guest on Jeff Parker & Matt Lee’s The Show. There’s lots of things you can talk to Taz about, but you can’t blame for 2point0 fans jumping in the chat to talk HOOK.

Asked if his 22 year old son is surprised by his success, Taz said:

“I don’t want to speak for him, but he’s just — it’s work. He just comes to work, and does his thing. He’s been an athlete his whole life, and wrestled when he was young, and played judo. So to him, it’s a sport. It’s a business, but it’s a sport. I don’t want to sounds corny — he just does his work, he’s a creative guy, he’s a young, intelligent guy. People haven’t really learned enough about him yet, but in time, I think you might. He’s smart. He’s very pride-filled, and wants everything to be right.

“For a young guy, he puts a lot of pressure on himself. You can’t see it, but that’s what we all do as pros. What’s the old cliche? Diamonds are made under pressure. So he understands, or I think anybody that was an athlete just knows... you’ve gotta put pressure on yourself, but you can’t crack under pressure.”

The subject of that debut win over Fuego Del Sol, and the old man getting to call his boy’s debut:

“I was a mess. He was cool. I was on commentary, I didn’t want to commentate his match. Tony [Khan]’s like, ‘You gotta,’ and I said to HOOK, ‘What do you want me to do?’ And he said, ‘I don’t know, whatever you want to do, whatever.’ [laughs] He didn’t give a shit. He didn’t care, bro. And I’m like, I’d rather sit in the audience next to my wife and watch.

“It was hard to — I’ve called a lot of matches over a lot of years. That was the hardest match for me to call because I’m emotionally connected. I’m one of his trainers, he’s my son. It was weird for me. It was really weird. But I’m obviously very proud of him.”

As well you should be, sir. He’ll probably never admit it on camera, but I’m sure that means the world to HOOK.

On camera, he’ll keep not giving a shit. And we HOOKers will love him for it.

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