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CM Punk and Sting feel some type of way about each other

If you told me a couple years ago that Sting and CM Punk wrestling on the same night would be just another Wednesday on the pro wrestling calendar, I never would have believed you. Both men were retired from the business not that long ago, and in Sting’s case, he’s almost 63 years old and has spinal stenosis.

Yet here we are in 2022, and both men are regularly featured on AEW Dynamite. Pro wrestling is wild, folks.

Sting had a much harder night than Punk did yesterday (Jan. 19) on Dynamite. Punk squashed that jabroni Shawn Spears in a matter of seconds, whereas Sting wrestled two guys by himself for most of his match, and later did a flying splash through a table.

After the show was over, Punk took to Twitter to praise Sting, and Sting responded in kind earlier today:

Given that Sting and Punk have already painted up as each other, if AEW ever does create a trios title, maybe it isn’t so far-fetched to think that Sting, Punk, and Darby Allin could make a run for the belts. Or maybe Sting and Punk will skip that part and instead jump ahead to the next pro wrestling wedding angle.

Are you just as impressed with Sting’s work as CM Punk is, Cagesiders?

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