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Jon Moxley is back with a profound, profane promo

‘I don’t run from demons, I just beat the s*** out of them.’

We haven’t seen Jon Moxley on television since November. That was when Tony Khan tweeted that he was entering an inpatient alcohol treatment program.

He returned on the Jan. 19 episode of Dynamite from Washington, D.C. And he looked great — trimmer, and with a healthy glow. Whatever changes we could see though, he was still 100% Mox.

After being interrupted by a heckler at the start of his promo, Moxley dealt with the guy in a way that may get Khan some flak from advertisers and the network:

Once that was addressed, the second ever AEW World champion delivered a promo that was as profound as it was profane. Mox spoke about a dream he had — a dream of a demon who told him he didn’t deserve any of the things he’d achieved and been blessed with. The demon told him he could lose those things at any time. He then talked about the scars we all bear, and how we shouldn’t be ashamed of them because they tell our story.

He never mentioned his addiction, or his trip to rehab, but it seemed clear those were represented by both the cloud and the scars. Something he beat, and something he’s now proud of.

The pivot to a wrestling promo came at the close, after talking about people who might want to write him off after his absence. He’s back, and he’s thirsty... but the only thing he drinks now is blood.

Welcome back, Mox.

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