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Eddie Kingston wants to quit smoking, get in better shape to become AEW world champion

Eddie Kingston All Elite Wrestling

During an interview with the Battleground Podcast (transcription via Wrestling Inc), Eddie Kingston talked about wanting to be AEW champion and doing what he needs to do in order to make that happen:

“To stand out, I’m just gonna be me so you take me for who I am. Do you know what I mean? What you see on screen is not fake. That’s who I am 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Physically, I gotta get in better shape. Do you know what I mean? And I try every day, folks. I try every day, but like being out here in North Carolina, I like a cookout. I also like Five Guys. I like food, I like Ice Cream, so I gotta work on that.

“I’m quitting smoking cigarettes. I’ve smoked cigarettes since I was 15. It’s gonna be a little rough, but I’m trying, and I’m trying because I want to be World Champion, and I also want to be a champion of AEW and I want to represent the company. I know what I have to do to step up.”

In a company like AEW, in 2022, someone with Kingston’s talent and ability should absolutely be in the running to be a world champion for the company. But if he thinks getting in better shape and quitting smoking will help him accomplish his goals, then more power to that man. As a former smoker who quit cold turkey years ago, I know it isn’t easy but nothing easy is worth having, right?

Go Eddie go.

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