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AEW officially signs Brody King

AEW President Tony Khan teased a big surprise for yesterday’s (Jan. 12) episode of Dynamite, and the big moment turned out to be the debut of Brody King.

Just like Paul Heyman’s Extreme Championship Wrestling in the 1990’s, AEW sometimes has issues with the lights going out during their shows. And many times when that happens, there is a surprise waiting in the ring when the lights come back on. That’s how King debuted, showing up at the perfect time to save Malakai Black from a three-on-one beating at the hands of Penta El Zero M, Brian Pillman Jr., and Griff Garrison.

The rumor mill indicated one month ago that Brody King signed with AEW. AEW made the signing official this morning by giving him the “All Elite” treatment:

And if you happen to be a fan of evil and violence, you can also buy his shirt:

The commentators referred to Brody and Malakai as the “Kings of the Black Throne.” If I was a betting man, they’d be my pick for the team most likely to dethrone Jurassic Express as the next AEW world tag team champions. I’m not a betting man, however, so maybe these guys will be doing the job for Sting and Darby Allin soon enough.

Are you hyped to witness the destruction that Brody King will unleash in AEW, Cagesiders?

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