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Jericho & Kingston’s beef boils over into Dynamite’s main event

Tensions between Chris Jericho and Eddie Kingston carried over into the Jan. 12 Dynamite. The Mad King’s belief that Jericho is holding Santana & Ortiz back from winning AEW Tag gold was even a talking point as his beef with Le Champion ruined Inner Circle’s segment celebrating their winning the 2021 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Award for best faction.

Their issue also continued to main event of this week’s show in Raleigh, North Carolina. Jericho being in the corner of Interim TNT champion Sammy Guevara for his defense against Daniel Garcia made sense. Kingston was ostensibly there to keep an eye on Garcia, but really just seemed to be there to spite Jericho.

It didn’t overshadow a good match between two of AEW’s brightest young stars. A match that was won by Guevara despite a piledriver from Garcia, and a run in from his 2point0 “dads”.

Matt Lee & Chase Parker’s involvement was what led to Kingston & Jericho’s beef being the show’s closing angle, however. Eddie was not happy that Jericho took out both 2point0-ers with his bat. Referee Bryce Remsburg was trying to keep them apart as Dynamite went off the air.

Can these two just fight already? We’d like to see that match.

Get complete results and coverage of everything that happened on tonight’s Dynamite‘s here.

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