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Tay Conti & Sammy Guevara are ‘still trolling’ about their relationship

After Sammy Guevara announced that he and his longtime girlfriend had broken up just a few months after he proposed to her in an AEW ring, many fans believed they knew the reason for their split.

While there was nothing to that point to confirm it was anything but platonic, Guevara’s relationship with Tay Conti had been documented on his Vlog. It led to a lot of toxic online behavior being directed at Sammy, and even more at Tay. Both issued statements asking for privacy, with Conti briefly leaving her social media to her public relations team.

Over the past week or so, the pair has changed strategies. Sammy & Tay have been taunting those who are speculating about her role in the end of his engagement, and condemning them for this possible romance.

The new strategy was on full display New Year’s Eve, where it would seem they confirmed they're a couple, but with Conti adding that they're “still trolling”...

Surely everyone will react calmly and rationally to all that. Happy New Year.

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