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AEW’s not wasting any time getting to Kenny Omega vs. Bryan Danielson

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The All Out fallout episode of AEW Dynamite gave both of the big signees from Sunday’s PPV sometime in the penultimate segment of the Sept. 8 show from Cincinnati.

Adam Cole (BAY BAY) proved he’s the mouthpiece The Elite has been missing. Each other other members of the group are good characters and great with a line or a reaction, but Cole can handle a lengthy promo better than any of them. Tonight, he turned cheers into boos in seconds, mostly by bullying Tony Schiavone out of the ring... and telling him to keep his eyes of his girlfriend, Britt Baker.

Cole announced he’ll make his in-ring debut next Wednesday, then turned the mic over to AEW World champion Kenny Omega (after Don Callis mentioned Omega finishing first in the PWI 500, natch). Kenny didn’t get far into his promo about how he hates being interrupted before he was interrupted by the American Dragon, Bryan Danielson.

Danielson wants a match with the Belt Collector immediately, because the fans want it, and because Bryan knows Kenny isn’t on his level. The champ tried to tell the Dragon that’s not how we do things around here, but Danielson does not care.

Things broke down from there. The Elite jumped Danielson just as he got the LeBell Lock slapped on him. Jurassic Express, Christian Cage & Frankie Kazarian ran in to send the heel group packing. But AEW’s asking if we want to see Danielson vs. Omega, and I think we all know the answer to that is YES!

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