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Malakai Black takes out another member of the Rhodes family


He made Cody Rhodes contemplate retirement. He handed Brock Anderson his first singles loss, then took out his father Arn for the second time. Lee Johnson got some offense in, but met the same fate as all the other members of Nightmare Family that have stepped to Malakai Black.

Would Dustin Rhodes fare any better?

Like Johnson on last Friday’s, The Natural wasn’t going down without a fight.

He was going down though. After a flurry inspired by Black producing the boot his younger brother left in the ring after Malakai beat him...

...Dustin tried for a bulldog. The counter sent him mouth-first into the turnbuckle. Then the spinning heel kick caught enough to put the veteran down for three.

Not sure how many more members of Cody’s family there are left for Black to make examples of. Let the countdown to Cody’s return begin in earnest.

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