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Mox goes to 2 - 0 against Suzuki, celebrates with the Nasty Nati

Sunday at All Out, Minoru Suzuki walked through the Forbidden Door to challenge his old rival Jon Moxley.

The two faced each other in early 2020 in Japan, but then the pandemic nipped their violent rivalry in the bud. But the legendary pro wrestler and mixed martial artist made his way across the ocean to trade blows with the madman from Cincinnati as soon as he could, and gave us the main event of the Sept. 8 Dynamite in Mox’s hometown.

It didn’t get a ton of time, even with most of Suzuki’s entrance cut. But there wasn’t much filler to the match itself.

Even with blood dribbling down his face, Suzuki wouldn’t go down despite DDTs and lariats aplenty from the younger man. Eventually, Mox connected with a punch that wobbled Murder Grandpa, then a release Paradigm Shift finally finished Suzuki off.

All that was left was for the hometown hero to celebrate with his people.

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