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CM Punk is glad he didn’t have to fight Sting

All Elite Wrestling

CM Punk versus Sting is a dream match of icons. It may come one day, but Punk is glad he didn’t have to fight Sting at All Out.

“Road to AEW Dynamite, Cincinnati,” shared cool backstage footage hyping the Lucha Bros winning the tag titles from the Young Bucks, Ruby Soho with Sarah Logan by her side, CM Punk’s thoughts after wrestling Darby Allin, and Bryan Danielson’s post-show promo.

Punk had a hard-fought contest against Allin in his return to the ring after seven years. Punk managed to prevail in the end, and it was tougher than he thought.

Punk: It felt like riding a bike, but there’s a lot of hard work that goes into riding that bike. I know, uh, hey, listen, Darby Allin is tougher than I thought he was. And I already thought he was tough. On a scale of 1 to 10, I came in here thinking he was an 11. He’s about a 15.

The thing that’s dangerous about Darby Allin is he’s going to learn form that, and he’s going to get tougher. So, a couple people have already text me excited about who’s next. I don’t care as long as it’s not Darby Allin.

With the way Punk phrased the statement about future opponents, it has me wondering if Goldberg was on the line texting. Or maybe Kevin Nash stole Goldberg’s phone in an attempt to set that match up as payback for Punk’s sister thinking he was dead.

In the aftermath of Punk versus Allin, Sting came out to extend his hand for a shake of respect. Punk wasn’t sure if Sting’s arrival would lead to fisticuffs. He’s pleased that it did not.

Punk: I was a little shocked. To be honest, I didn’t know if I was going to have to fight Sting. I’m glad I didn’t. You know, he stuck his hand out, and I looked him dead in his eye and said, “This means something to me.” And he said, “Me too.” And that is a stamp of approval from a veteran that has been everywhere and worked every single top guy everywhere he’s been, and that means something to a kid like me.

Sting’s endorsement for Punk was a cool moment. Do you know what will be even cooler? Sting standing across the ring from Punk for a one-on-one match. I won’t let that dream die. It may take a while to get there, and it may have to be cinematic if it happens when Sting turns 70. But, hope remains alive.

The whole, Road to,” video is worth watching to see the emotional reaction of the Lucha Bros with gold, two-thirds of a Riott Squad reunion to support Ruby Soho, and Bryan Danielson’s reasons for coming to AEW.