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Cole & Danielson’s AEW themes are absolute bangers

Of the big debuts at AEW All Out last night (Sept. 5), most of the conversation about the wrestlers’ entrance music had focused on Ruby Soho. Rancid insisting she use their song as her name and walkout was well-documented, so if the former Ruby Riott was going to be there, we were gonna hear “Ruby Soho”.

After that, there was some speculation about whether Bryan Danielson would stick with his WWE theme, the copyright-free “Ride of the Valkyries”. I was in the “bring back ‘The Final Countdown’ from his ROH days” camp, because I’m old and the Netflix seasons have lessened the importance of maintaining Arrested Development kayfabe for me... sorry GOB.

What we heard in Now Arena definitely wasn’t the Europe classic, and while it kept a little Wagner, it wasn’t quite “Valkyries”, either. What it was was very good - especially since it incorporates the “kicking people’s heads in” thing Bryan is bringing back for his AEW run...

“Born For Greatness” is outsourced, but AEW went with in-house composer Mikey Rukus for Adam Cole’s new theme, “All About Tha (BOOM!)”. Rukus, who also helped bring Lucha Bros to the ring during their all-time great entrance at last night's event, merged a little of the riff from Cole’s Undisputed ERA NXT music with a Rage Against The Machine vibe that really works.

This one all depends on how Cole integrates the BOOM! and BAY BAY of his entrance with the track, but I’m optimistic.

What do you think, Cagesiders?