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AEW Dark Elevation recap (Sept. 6, 2021): Eddie, Mox, and Darby headline after All Out

Episode 27 of AEW Dark: Elevation is in the books! If you missed the live broadcast click here for the Cageside Seats stream. Let’s go over what went down on Elevation this week. Our announce team was Paul Wight, Tony Schiavone and Eddie Kingston. The latter would be a little busy later on in the evening.

Has everybody come down from their high last night yet? I think some pro wrestling fans may have gotten a contact buzz just from social media even if they weren’t watching All Out. Let’s see how well they followed up on the first show after the show.

Ryan Nemeth & Peter Avalon vs. Bear Country

JD Drake and Cezar Bononi accompanied their fellow Wingmen as far as the entrance ramp, but didn’t come down to the ring. Interesting. Avalon went for a hot start on Bear Bronson before the bell, which quickly backfired. Boulder and Nemeth tagged in, and Nemeth thought it wise to shake his booty. He got bounced off Boulder like a pinball before Bronson tagged back in. The Wingmen cut off the ring (men) to double team Bronson and wear him down. Bronson hit an Exploder on Avalon and Boulder got the hot tag. Boulder hit the double Samoan drop, Bronson tagged back in, and he was thrown onto Nemeth with an Elevator Splash for the finish. After the pin Bononi and Drake immediately ran in to beat up Bear Country, with Avalon saying “You look better after that ass whooping” on the mic. This was more competitive and interesting than I anticipated going in.

Emi Sakura vs. Missa Kate

Lulu Pencil seconded Sakura again for this match. Sakura’s 2021 record was 4-1, Kate’s was 0-2, and Sakura slapped Kate’s hand away when she offered a handshake. Schiavone said on commentary he thinks Sakura has become more angry and aggressive, which is a quality I’ve noticed from both her and Hikaru Shida in these Dark matches. Kate hit a dropkick to the chest for a near fall, an enzuigiri for a near fall, and promptly got slapped around by Sakura for her impudence. Sakura hit one backbreaker and pulled Kate’s head off the mat before the three counted, then hit a delayed vertical backbreaker to really finish Kate off. I’m really liking this mean streak.

Lance Archer vs. GPA

Archer picked up GPA and carried his unwilling opponent down to the ring on his shoulders. Archer wasted no time throwing him across the ring after the opening bell. The crowd erupted for the one handed choke slam and chanted “one more time.” Archer put GPA on the turnbuckle, hit the Blackout, and it was lights out. A vicious dominant squash.

Kiera Hogan vs. Blair Onyx

Hogan was 0-3 coming into this match but Schiavone noted that there’s “a lot of upside” to Hogan, and that’s an understatement. Onyx also sported a 0-3 record before this match so barring a time limit draw somebody would get their first win. Hogan hit a swinging fisherman neckbreaker and Schiavone informed Kingston that it’s called Face the Music. I’m glad Hogan got her first win but it was too fast. A Big Swole vs. Diamante promo followed.

Nyla Rose (w/ Vickie Guerrero) vs. Laynie Luck

Rose was 19-4 before this match, and Luck was 0-2. Rose overpowered the diminutive Luck and booted her in the face as Guerrero cackled at ringside. Rose beat her up outside the ring too for good measure and ate a Beast Bomb back inside for the pin. Fast, decisive, and so one sided that Kingston compared Rose to Vader.

Griff Garrison (w/ Julia Hart) vs. Anthony Bowens

Bowens sported a record of 24-12 along with a boombox on his shoulder. Garrison’s record was 23-10. Apparently Hart is feeling better despite being her knee being attacked before All Out to knock her out of the Casino Battle Royale. She certainly had no problem jumping from the ring apron to the floor. Bowens intimidated her and Garrison kicked him in the face. Bowens countered a running kick and threw his opponent back in for some ground and pound, mocking the Blonds and getting the boos. Blockbuster off the middle rope for a near fall. Garrison fired up with forearms, lariats, a scoop slam and a springboard uppercut. Falcon Arrow for two. Bowens with chops and a thrust kick, DDT for two, and simultaneous rolling elbows for a double knockdown. Max Caster ran out from the back to hit Garrison with a chain and Bowens got the pin. Bowens was elated to see his partner back in the ring, but they didn’t have long to celebrate as Brian Pillman Jr. came down swinging a pool cue.

Red Velvet vs. Queen Aminata

Velvet sported a 2021 record of 25-6 coming in. Aminata was “already in the ring” and didn’t even get introduced because she gave Velvet a kick before the bell, mocking the “stir it up” of Velvet after beating her down. Velvet got a stink face before a pin attempt, but she kicked out at one on this and the next attempt. Velvet fired up with forearms, slid through the legs, hit a pair of sling blades and a bulldog. Double knees to the back of the head, Final Slice, and this one was a wrap. Aminata may not have a win in AEW but she looked good here. The Dark Order bickered afterward, setting up an Alan Angels vs. Evil Uno match.

The Dark Order (John Silver & Preston “10” Vance) vs. Travis Titan & Isaiah Moore

Titan and Moore were (say it with me now) “making their AEW debut” here. Big Show described Vance as “old school strong” and compared him to Paul Orndorff (RIP). The newcomers tried to cut off the ring to work over 10, but ate a double clothesline before “Johnny Hungee” got the hot tag. Silver threw people around like Kevin Nash did Rey Mysterio on WCW before Vance got tagged back in. Silver hit a pump kick to the back for the head and a F10 before Vance put on the full nelson for the submission. Squish squash.

JD Drake w/ The Wingmen vs. Dante Martin

Drake reminds me of Roadkill, with a less impressive beard and physique. Martin used him as a good base though, jumping on his back to do a flip. The Wingmen used the numbers advantage when Martin tried to follow up on a dropkick that sent Drake to the floor. Drake threw him headfirst into the mat and stomped on him. Martin fell out of the ring and got more abuse from the heels. Martin started a comeback by flipping and flying, jumping over Drake and nailing him with a Pele kick, before Nemeth tried to drag him out of the ring. Martin shoved him away and did a dive onto the pile to wipe them out. Drake missed a cannonball and ate a springboard moonsault for three. Total babyface booking — you overcome the odds and pick up the win — that’s how it’s done.

Riho vs. Skye Blue

Riho’s record coming in was 12-5, while Skye Blue was still looking for her first AEW win at 0-3. A lot of people were upset at All Out with how little she got in the Battle Royale, given that she got into the match as the hometown favorite who impressed Tony Khan even in a loss. I suspect that despite that and her winless record we’ll be seeing a “Skye Blue is All Elite” graphic on social media before long. Riho put her in a bow and arrow but ate a spinning back kick and a European uppercut after they got back up. Schiavone said Blue had three independent titles in the Chicagoland area. Riho gave her a drop toe hold into the second rope and hit a 6-1-9 for good measure. Crossbody off the top rope for two. She put Blue in a crossface, but Blue got a rope break. Reverse kick from Blue for a near fall. Knee to the chin from Riho. Northern Lights suplex for two. “Let’s go Skye Blue” chant but Riho finished her with a double knee strike just as it got going. They exchanged a hug afterward.

Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston and Darby Allin with Sting vs. Chaos Project and Rickey Shane Page

Neither team had a trios record going into this match. We got a rare acknowledgement of Rickey Shane Page’s “death match pedigree” with a comparison to Moxley, with commentary noting that Mox “comes from the same background.” Luther screamed at Serpentico until my ears bled, but Kingston threw them both to the mat and gave Luther about a hundred chops to shut him up (thank you). Mox and Page tagged in and started wailing on each other. Kingston tagged back in, Serpentico tried to interfere, and this resulted in a double suplex. Darby Allin got the tag and hit a coffin drop on RSP for three.

What to watch/skip

I hate saying you should skip Kiera Hogan since I’m glad she got her first win, but it was absolutely anticlimactic and nothing to watch. You could fast forward through Archer vs. GPA and Rose vs. Luck too even though I always enjoy a good Beast Bomb. The opener and the main event were both solid and the most competitive matches were Riho vs. Blue and Garrison vs. Bowens. I have no major complaints here. Nothing was sloppy or unwatchable.

Cageside commentary crew! Get up off your seats and leave your feedback in the comments section below. See you tomorrow for AEW Dark!

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