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How BTE brought Adam Cole back from the dead

Being The Elite’s YouTube

It was far from the most important detail of Adam Cole’s move from NXT to AEW. Still, fans of The Young Bucks’ smart ass YouTube show (such as myself) were still interested in seeing how Being The Elite handled the matter of his 2017 “death”.

Matt & Nick Jackson poisoned Cole when he was leaving Ring of Honor and New Japan to sign with WWE. There was always a supernatural element to the angle; BTE regulars have been seeing ghosts ever since - especially when they watched TakeOvers. So when Kenny Omega decided The Elite needed help against the influx of talent from the New York territory into the AEW locker room, he turned to a seance like ritual to bring his friend Adam back.

Actually, he was bringing his friend Austin back. This was serious business. Shoot names were used.

The gang disbands when they decide Kenny, er, I mean Tyson, chanting “Hakuna Matata” won’t resurrect the Panama City Playboy. Then right after they all leave... poof! Cole appears, wondering what happened to the last four years, and how he got out of PWG’s old home base in Reseda, California.

It’s right at the start of this week’s BTE, “Back From The Dead”:

If you’re jonesing for more All Out content (or just something that doesn’t have the Good Brothers making masturbation jokes), there’s great video of the show-stealing AEW Tag Team championship cage match at around the 20 minute mark. That’s followed by a few snippets of backstage scenes from Cole & Bryan Danielson’s debut in Chicagoland last night.