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Bryan Danielson’s three reasons for joining AEW

Wrestle Rumble’s Twitter

Even on a night that saw Minoru Suzuki, Ruby Soho, and Adam Cole (BAY BAY) also make their AEW debuts, it was clear who the crowd wanted to hear from after All Out*.

Bryan Danielson, a guy who main event-ed WrestleMania to capstone one of the best babyface stories in modern history, is All Elite. After helping Jurassic Express & Christian Cage run off The Elite and end the PPV portion of the show, the wrestler formerly known as Daniel Bryan got on the mic.

After a lot of YES! chants and some banter with the crowd, the meat of Danielson’s promo consisted of why he left WWE for AEW. He gave three reasons...

1. The talented roster

2. Because “goddamnit you guys are the best fans in the world!”

3. Because he’s a wrestler and he came here “to goddamn wrestle!”

Cut off in that version of reason number three were BD’s closing words, a summary of his reasons, if you will. It’s a sentiment I think a lot of people in the wrestling world share after a stellar All Out:


* Maybe it would have been local legend CM Punk, but the Chicagoland faithful have been blessed with numerous Punk promos since his return on Aug. 20 - including one of these “send the crowd home happy” non-televised ones.