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CM Punk says it best after AEW All Out

It’s simple and to the point but it says oh so much:

There’s just so much there. He posted that original tweet as a joke that wasn’t actually a joke because he shit himself during an episode of SmackDown that night and obviously wasn’t feeling too hot about it. This was just over one month before he would walk out on WWE, never to return. It was thought he would never return to the pro wrestling industry in general, that’s just how little fun he was having in part because of the events surrounding his literally shitting himself during a match.

But all that has changed now.

This time he can tweet out that this shit, not poop, is fun again. He probably didn’t actually shit himself during his match with Darby Allin at All Out earlier this evening (Sun., Sept. 5, 2021) in Chicago, but he can at least use that word and not have to worry about how his employers will react to it.

And he can say that genuinely. He means it. Finally, after all this time, he’s actually wrestling and being part of a promotion whose entire business model appears to be “give the fans what they want to see.” AEW did that again with All Out, where we saw Punk’s first match in seven years, the debuts of Ruby Soho, Adam Cole, and Bryan Danielson, and an overload of awesome wrestling, including one of the best steel cage matches I’ve ever seen.

This shit is fun.

Exactly how it should be.

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