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AEW All Out 2021 results: The Lucha Brothers win the tag team titles


The Lucha Brothers won a tournament to earn a tag team title shot against The Young Bucks in a steel cage match at tonight’s (Sun., Sept. 5, 2021) AEW All Out pay-per-view (PPV) from the Now Arena in Chicago, Illinois. Penta & Fenix were over like crazy, and were given one hell of an entrance:

What ensued was exactly the kind of match you would expect out of the Young Bucks and the Lucha Brothers, which is to say they did a lot of tandem offense, they were smooth as hell in the process, and the crowd was eating up pretty much everything they were doing.

Such as:

This too:

Late in the match, the goodie bag came in and the thumbtack loaded shoe came out. Penta got his head forced into it, with tacks stuck in it when he was kicked off it. He was busted open and bloody, and by then it looked all but certain The Young Bucks were winning.

And then Fenix broke up a pinfall attempt and the crowd came alive once more. With his partner down, Fenix ran wild, using the loaded shoe against Matt & Nick before scoring a near fall of his own.

This was awesome.

Penta hit a Canadian Destroyer from the top rope not long after this. It looked positively brutal and cemented how violently ridiculous this match had become. It was an indie spotfest, sure, but they were beating the shit out of each other along the way.

They traded superkicks in a brilliant extended sequence before more tandem offense led to yet another close call for the Lucha Brothers. The crowd was ready to explode for a victory, but Nick broke up the pin.

It was time to go for it all.

Fenix climbed to the top of the cage and, with cero miedo, did a crossbody from the top, taking out everyone in the ring. He got up with Penta just after, spiked Nick to the mat, and while Fenix kept Matt away, pinned him right there in the middle of the ring.


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