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AEW All Out 2021 results: Officiating plays a key role in Miro/Kingston

Building off the hype from Miro & Eddie Kingston’s segment on Rampage Friday night (the Mad King was wearing merch emblazoned with one of his less controversial lines), the TNT championship match opened the PPV portion of All Out on Sun., Sept. 5.

It looked like Kingston might have the champ’s number, but the Redeemer took control when he turned a cross body off the apron into a slam.

The gameplan that got Eddie back into it was no surprise. He’s been talking for weeks about how he think’s Miro’s neck is The Redeemer’s kryptonite.

It was a strategy that would have worked, if referee Bryce Remsburg hadn’t been distracted by a turnbuckle cover Eddie pulled off earlier in the match. Kingston hit the DDT and had God’s Favorite Champion covered, but Remsburg didn’t start the count until Miro’s shoulders had been on the mat for a few seconds.

The exposed turnbuckle set-up the actual finish, too. Bryce stepped in front of it to keep Miro from being whipped into the steel. The champ used that to low blow Kingston, then followed with the Matcha Kick to keep his belt.

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