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Max Caster is back with AEW a month after his ‘terrible’ Dark rap

On the Aug. 3 episode of AEW’s YouTube show Dark, Max Caster of The Acclaimed delivered on of his signature entrance raps. As usual, he ran down the wrestlers he & Anthony Bowens were about to face, but this time many felt he went too far - bringing up Simone Biles withdrawing from Olympic competition to ensure her own mental health, the false accusation of rape levied against the Duke Lacrosse team in the mid-aughts, and delivering his latest insult to 19 year old Julia Hart.

His own boss Tony Khan called it “terrible” and said he would take over production of the non-televised shows to ensure nothing like it happened again. Rumors flew back and forth about Caster’s status with AEW. He remained silent, and disappeared from their storylines and programming.

Until this week. Caster & Bowens took part in AEW’s pre-All Out Fan Fest today (Sept. 4):

And... Dark SPOILERS coming, if you like your internet-only shows unspoiled...

... last warning...

The Acclaimed were back, complete with an entrance rhyme that poked fun at the situation.

“Yo. This rap has been approved by AEW Management.
We’re The Acclaimed and we came to say that we’re feeling pretty darn good today.
These two guys are formidable opponents, but against us they don’t have the component.
How bout those Jaguars, they sure are...”

Bowens cuts him off, asking if they’re scripting their promos now. He notices he has a line on the paper, and it’s a plug for Cody & Brandi’s reality show, Rhodes To The Top. Caster gets back on the mic for:

“The Acclaimed is back, and we swinging for the fences.
This time I’ll try not to be too offensive.
Everybody loves the Capt. Sean Dean, too bad I heard that he has a small peen.
[Honestly can’t make out how he refers to Dean’s partner Robert Anthony] I heard this guys has an STD.
The Acclaimed, we got no chill, we make you cry like that fan did for Phil.”

They’re obviously not shying away from the controversy, but may be focusing Max’s lines on more generic disses.


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