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AEW All Out 2021 predictions

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B/R Live

All Elite Wrestling is putting on their big Labor Day weekend PPV tomorrow (Sun., Sept. 5, 2021) at Now Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois - All Out!

After a free streaming pre-show which starts 30 minutes earlier, the event starts at 8PM Eastern, and can be purchased on B/R Live (and traditional PPV) here in the U.S. & Canada, or internationally on Fite.

The third annual All Out is AEW’s first PPV outside of Jacksonville in over a year, and features one of the most anticipated moments in recent wrestling history - CM Punk’s first match since 2014. It’s a solid card all around too, and we’ve assembled our motley crew to give thoughts & predictions on everything booked the show!

Let's get to it.


CM Punk vs. Darby Allin

Sean Rueter: He’ll probably get a post-match handshake, but Darby’s not getting the win. Pick: CM Punk

Kyle Decker: There could be a story told about Punk losing his first match back and going on a journey to really find if he still has it or not. But I don’t think they tell it. And I’m not sure that they should. This is Punk in Chicago - send the fans home happy. Plus, the last time we saw Punk fight in any capacity, he was getting rocked inside the octagon. This is the time to reestablish him so he’s good to go for the big feuds in the future, such as against Kenny Omega, Hangman Page, Miro, or The Blade. Pick: CM Punk

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: My main question here is how effectively I’ll be able to liveblog through tears, because I am real emotional about my man CM Punk returning to the ring for the first time since January of 2014 and estrogen is a hell of a drug. (I kid, I used to cry about wrestling all the time before, too!) Anywhere there’s no real doubt here— I could spin some fantasy booking about Punk’s quest to prove that he can still hang getting derailed on day one and that’d be interesting, but AEW have consistently chosen smart and simple wrestling stories over galaxy brain booking, so... Pick: CM Punk

Cain A. Knight: Maybe Tony Khan asks Punk to put over Darby and then he’ll owe him one? Nah, I doubt it. Punk has to win his return match or else he’s not the Best in the World. Pick: CM Punk

Manolo H. Pizzazz: Seven years is a long time to be away from the wrestling ring. I think CM Punk will show some rust in key moments that used to flow naturally when he was at the top of his game. Pick: Darby Allin

Stella Cheeks: In no reality does The Best in the World return to the ring for the first time in seven years only to lose to an art school drop out. Darby Allin has been on a hot streak, winning all his big matches. He can afford to lose. This match exists to reestablish Punk in the wrestling world. Pick: CM Punk

Marcus Benjamin: Sure, CM Punk could lose. Sure, his first match after 7 years could result in a loss and Chicago could riot. But none of those things will happen or even should happen. Darby going one-on-one with Punk is the rub and already the W for him. Punk needs the win to establish himself within AEW as a force to reckon with. Can’t call yourself the best in the world after losing your first big match in years, can you? Pick: Chick Magnet Punk

Kenny Omega (c) vs. Christian Cage for the AEW World title

Sean Rueter: They’ve crafted a compelling story, even if it is more Christian vs. Don Callis. But the Instant Classic isn’t going to take the AEW belt off Kenny. Not when there are so many other big money matches available for The Belt Collector. The only real question is what/how many shenanigans will The Elite pull. Pick: Kenny Omega

Kyle Decker: Christian isn’t going to get two on Kenny Omega. It should still be Hangman Page to be the man to finally do it. Pick: Kenny Omega

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: Christian picked up the Impact titles because Kenny wasn’t going to keep working... Thursdays? ...forever and to sow some doubt as to this match’s outcome in the face of it being like, the third or fourth most interesting match on the card at best, but he’s here in AEW to help the new kids get some shine and he don’t need to win the big one to do that. Pick: Kenny Omega

Cain A. Knight: They had to give Christian the win over Omega on Rampage to show that he belongs in this match, but it’s almost impossible to see him winning the championship that actually matters. Pick: Kenny Omega

Manolo H. Pizzazz: Let me know when it is time for Hangman Page’s title shot. Pick: Kenny Omega

Stella Cheeks: Two belts Christian doesn’t have a great ring to it. Hangman Page AEW champion does. Kenny’s keeping that belt warm for our favorite cowboy. Pick: Kenny Omega

Marcus Benjamin: I love Christian Cage. Not as much as Sean, but the love is real. That said, in every story there’s a chosen one who slays the big bad guy. I don’t know who that is for AEW right now but I know who it isn’t. Pick: Kenny Omega

The Young Bucks (c) vs. Lucha Bros for the AEW Tag Team championship

Sean Rueter: PAC & Andrade El Idolo coming off the card changes my thinking about this match completely (I figured some part of Death Triangle would jump ship to side with Ric Flair’s future son-in-law), but even then I wasn’t sure who would win. I’d pull the trigger on a title change that starts to create a rift between Omega & The Bucks. But I don’t think AEW will. Pick: The Young Bucks

Kyle Decker: This is a tough one. The Lucha Bros are talented, and somewhat of a home town favorite with their past work at AAW Pro over the years. But at this point, I think they should go with a more emotional win. Jurassic Express taking the titles would have felt bigger because it would have elevated a team with a growing following. The Bros definitely have a strong following, but I think they can do more with the Bucks eventual loss. Pick: The Young Bucks

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: It’s time. The Bucks have held the titles for nearly a year, Lucha Brothers have consistently been putting in great work, you do the change. Plus the steel cage stipulation should really mean something and unless TK has a hell of a surprise planned, the Bucks have consistently shown that they need the cheating to stay on top in 2021, and that means you crown Penta and Fenix, even if it’s just for a little bit. Pick: Lucha Brothers (Penta el Zero M & Rey Fenix)

Cain A. Knight: There was a ton of heel heat at the close of Dynamite inside that steel cage. One of the babyfaces in that scene has to win at All Out, and it won’t be Christian. Pick: Lucha Bros

Manolo H. Pizzazz: The odds seemed stacked against the Young Bucks by forcing them to play fair. That’s why they will rise to the occasion to secure their status as best tag team in the business. Pick: Young Bucks

Stella Cheeks: Young Bucks won’t have any help in the cage. No cold spray. No good brothers. No distracting novelty t-shirts. The Elite needs to be taken down a peg and I think the Lucha Bros can do it. Have you seen Fenix in a cage? It’s bananas! Pick: Lucha Bros

Marcus Benjamin: I really wanted Jurassic Express in this spot. I know, I know, Lucha Bros x The Bucks of Youth in a cage in a Chicago is the money match. But the heart wants what it wants. Now that my sighs are out of the way, I do believe we are finally at the end of the road of this particular leg of The Young Bucks’ story. Simple story that with no help, they lose to a superior team. Pick: Lucha Bros

Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (c) vs. Kris Statlander for the AEW Women’s championship

Sean Rueter: Despite doing a 180 on the Galaxy’s Greatest Alien since her AEW debut, and believing whole heartedly she’ll have a title reign in the future, we haven’t reached that point on the time-space continuum yet. Pick: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.

Kyle Decker: I’d like to point out how great of a heel thing it is to lead off with “Doctor” and end with “D.M.D” because it’s redundant. It’s saying “doctor” twice. It’s like you’re just rubbing it in. Doctor Doctor Baker has a long ways to go as champion. Pick: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: Britt runs the place right now, in the ring, on the mic, and in those TV ratings. I like Kris a lot, but it ain’t her time. Pick: Dr. Britt Baker, DMD

Cain A. Knight: Britt Baker’s championship reign won’t end before there is a title defense against Thunder Rosa. Pick: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.

Manolo H. Pizzazz: Dr. Britt Baker DMD’s championship run is just getting started, however, she doesn’t need long reigns to be established as a star. I can envision Baker racking up multiple title reigns with shorter runs. A loss to Statlander would line up a TV main event rematch for the near future. Baker could regain the title without losing momentum. Besides, the alien might have different dental patterns than the dentist is used to for humans. It could throw the champ off when trying to apply the Lockjaw submission. Pick: Kris Statlander

Stella Cheeks: Just call Chicago, Brittago. Well, maybe don’t. That’s terrible. My point stands, however. Pick: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.

Marcus Benjamin: Britt is this division right now. Until that changes, she reigns forever. Love live the Queen. Pick: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.

Miro (c) vs. Eddie Kingston for the TNT championship

Sean Rueter: Another toss-up, but TNT title reigns don’t seem to be as open-ended as AEW’s other belts. And if they treat this the way WWE used to treat their Intercontinental title (as a stage en route to the top of the card), Miro’s proven he’s ready. Pick: Eddie Kingston

Kyle Decker: I’m glad that we got a promo segment on Rampage because that’s the real allure to this feud. Pick: Miro

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: I’m picking with my heart and not my head here. Eddie Kingston is the beating heart and soul of what makes pro wrestling great, and Miro is delightful, but neither his god nor his double-jointed wife can keep the War King down. It’s a cold world, Miro, button up. Pick: Eddie Kingston

Cain A. Knight: I don’t really ever see Eddie Kingston as being at the champ’s level throughout his various title matches in AEW, and this one is no different. Pick: Miro

Manolo H. Pizzazz: I’m going with a bonus prediction that Lana shows up to provide Miro with the necessary hot, flexible inspiration to kick out of a DDT. Pick: Miro

Stella Cheeks: This match deserves so much more. Miro is going to win, but I hope he does so in a way that can potentially lead to a longer feud. Pick: Miro

Marcus Benjamin: Let me echo Kyle’s sentiments that it’s criminal we didn’t get more out of these two on the mic. Which is another reason for my pick. Miro gets the W but not without reason for the story to continue. His flexible wife demands more and so do we. Pick: Miro

MJF vs. Chris Jericho

Sean Rueter: Has Jericho done enough to establish MJF as top guy? How will we ever know if they keep feuding with each other? It’s time to move on to something else, and I don’t think Jericho’s ready to become a full-time announcer/podcaster/rocker/cruise host. Pick: Chris Jericho

Kyle Decker: They’ve done an excellent job making either outcome possible. And they did a good job with the promos to make me want to see Jericho continue working his craft. I think he will too. He’s not as important to them as he was on AEW day 1, but he’s still a lynchpin of their show. Pick: Chris Jericho

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: This is pro wrestling, and no one ever really retires in pro wrestling. CM Punk is literally back on this show, y’all! Anyway, honestly I think Jericho’s gonna do six months of commentary and then get sucked back in somehow, let’s go 4-0! Pick: Maxwell Jacob Friedman

Cain A. Knight: Jericho isn’t going out like this. Pick: Chris Jericho

Manolo H. Pizzazz: Chris Jericho has to rock, wrestle, and rage at sea on his upcoming cruise. Since it is too late to change the marketing, Le Champion must win to continue his career and fulfill his cruise obligations. Pick: Chris Jericho

Stella Cheeks: Someday AEW will be able to exist without the audience pull of Chris Jericho. Today is not that day. Pick: Chris Jericho

Marcus Benjamin: I’m not even justifying this match with more than one sentence. Pick: Chris Jericho

Jon Moxley vs. Satoshi Kojima

Sean Rueter: Let’s eat bread. Pick: Jon Moxley

Kyle Decker: You know. Pick: Jeeeeeeeeeern Moxley

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: Bread Club will live on to fight another day. Pick: Jon Moxley

Cain A. Knight: Moxley ain’t losing to the substitute legend who is not named Hiroshi Tanahashi. Pick: Jon Moxley

Manolo H. Pizzazz: A career of slugfests can take a toll on the best of wrestlers. Perhaps a younger Satoshi Kojima would clothesline Moxley into oblivion, but I believe that ship has sailed at the age of 50. Pick: Jon Moxley

Stella Cheeks: I feel like a real heel here, but I (like many AEW fans) am not familiar with Satoshi Kojima. I’m sure he’s great and that this match will be an experience, but there is no way this man beats a crowd favorite like Mox. Pick: Jon Moxley

Marcus Benjamin: Hmm. Tough pick. The legend they flew in from New Japan, or the guy who just said he needs to remind everyone who the top dog in the pound is? Pick: Jon Moxley

Paul Wight vs. QT Marshall

Sean Rueter: QT knows his role. What is Billy Gunn’s? Pick: Paul Wight

Kyle Decker: The big question is what’s the role of Mr. Ass in all this. Why did he stab Paul Wight in the back? Is No BS not an ass man and Billy took offense? Is Billy jealous of Wight’s ass, that got a great look at the other week and wants to be the best 50+ year old ass in AEW? Whatever the answer, I don’t see any reason that QT Marsháll should win this match. Pick: Paul Wight

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: One. Punch. Pick: Paul Wight

Cain A. Knight: I wonder how many times Jim Ross will accidentally say “Big Show” during this very quick match. Pick: Paul Wight

Manolo H. Pizzazz: I fear that QT Marshall’s head will be punched clean off his shoulders. Pick: Paul Wight

Stella Cheeks: I can’t believe I have to keep paying attention to QT Marshall. Pick: Paul Wight

Marcus Benjamin: I’m more interested in the behavior of one Ass Man at the moment and how he factors into the plot. QT Marshall, the Tony Soprano wannabe, eats a chokeslam and the crowd goes home happy. And that’s no BS. Pick: Paul Wight

Casino Battle Royale for a Women’s title shot

Sean Rueter: Destination Known. Pick: Ruby Soho

Kyle Decker: For the last Casino Battle Royale, I picked The Blade to win. And then he got hurt and couldn’t compete and Jungle Boy Jack Perry won the match, a clear backup plan to The Blade’s obvious win. And this being a women’s battle royal, The Blade doesn’t even get the chance to get his redemption! I could pick the Bunny to keep it in the family of AEW’s greatest wrestler, but it’s not the same. So instead, I’m going to focus on this new free agent and pick 100% with my heart and not at all with my mind. Pick: AJ Lee

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: Oh god I have no idea. Anna Jay’s coming in off the triumphant return, why not her? Pick: Anna Jay

Cain A. Knight: Riho is the first ever AEW women’s champion, and will make a great challenger for current champ Britt Baker. Pick: Riho

Manolo H. Pizzazz: Jade Cargill is a powerhouse made to excel in battle royales. A mini feud with Dr. Britt Baker DMD for the women’s championship is the most box office TV match that can come out of this contest. Other top participants would be better served with a proper build toward a PPV match against the champ. Pick: Jade Cargill

Stella Cheeks: Tay Conti has been a consistent presence in the women’s division. Having her win here would make sense with the broader story they are trying to tell. Plus, payback is fun to watch. Pick: Tay Conti

Marcus Benjamin: Legitimately have no clue who wins this. It really depends on how they want to position Britt. Her title defenses are weird because she wrestles babyfaces who get booed because of her. It needs to be a surprise pick. Someone fresh that the crowd in Chicago, and around the country, might want to see or believe can beat the good Doctor. I know she says she’s not showing up till New York but hey, it’s a holiday weekend. Pick: Ruby Soho

Best Friends & Jurassic Express vs. The Hardy Family Office

Sean Rueter: Kyle’s about to rant atcha about his boy Blade, but I’m gonna use this space to ask the real question on everyone’s minds... how come HOOK isn’t on the card?!?! As for this match, Jungle Jack and OC aren’t losing. Pick: Best Friends & Jurassic Express

Kyle Decker: Talk about slandering The Blade. He’s not even in this match! He’s part of the HFO and they’re going to leave him on the bench? And they call Tony Khan promoter of the year. Not with moves like that, TK. Unless... he wants the HFO to lose but doesn’t want his top star taking an L so he’s keeping him out of the match. Yeah, that must be it. Genius work, Tony. Pick: Best Friends & Jurassic Express

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: Babyfaces win the last minute addition, this is pro wrestling 101. Pick: Best Friends & Jurassic Express

Cain A. Knight: Orange Cassidy has a pay-per-view win over Chris Jericho via mimosa. You don’t squander that kind of main event credibility with a pre-show loss. Pick: Best Friends & Jurassic Express

Manolo H. Pizzazz: Matt Hardy needs a win for his troops’ morale and to keep the feud interesting. What better way to get it done in a match that was booked last-minute as a replacement. Pick: The Hardy Family Office

Stella Cheeks: Orange Cassidy PLUS Jungle Boy? That pairing is too powerful! The Hardy Family office better watch out! Pick: Best Friends & Jurassic Express

Marcus Benjamin: First off, everything Kyle said. Just want to make that clear. Secondly, Orange Cassidy and Jungle Boy are two of the company’s hottest and biggest fan favorites. No way they lose this match in Chicago. Especially when the HFO is sans Blade. Pick: Best Friends & Jurassic Express

That's who we've got. Who are you taking, Cagesiders?

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