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CM Punk gets an up close look at Darby Allin’s suicide dive

The main event of tonight’s (Sept. 3) episode of AEW Rampage was Darby Allin taking on Daniel Garcia. The big hook here is that CM Punk was on hand to join the commentary team for the match. This is the final time Punk and Allin would potentially cross paths on television before their match on Sunday (Sept. 5) at All Out.

Punk’s entrance involved him jumping into the audience again, like he did during his AEW debut at The First Dance. This time he declined a drink that was offered to him from a fan. I don’t know what that guy was thinking.

Darby was accompanied to the ring by Sting, while Daniel Garcia had 2point0 with him. Garcia’s motivation tonight was to injure Darby and prevent him from making it to All Out. Punk suggested he will wrestle against Garcia at All Out if Darby can’t make it.

Darby quickly put himself in danger with his typical crash and burn style. He misjudged Garcia’s position outside the ring and basically threw his own body over a table, smashing his head on impact.

But Darby is relentless and has come back from worse than that. The match ended as expected - with Allin picking up the W.

As soon as the 1-2-3 was counted, 2point0 hit the ring for a 3-on-1 attack. Sting immediately had Darby’s back, but the numbers were still in favor of the heels.

That’s when Punk stormed out of the commentary booth and made his way to the ring. He backed 2point0 up, and then got a very up close and personal look at Darby’s violent suicide dive that he’s been so worried about taking at All Out:

Darby immediately stood back up to lock eyes with Punk; they stared each other down face-to-face as the show faded to black.

Are you hyped up to see CM Punk finally return to the ring and fight Darby Allin at All Out?

Follow along with the results for Rampage here.

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