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Malakai Black did it again

Tonight’s (Sept. 3) episode of AEW Rampage kicked off with Malakai Black taking on Nightmare Family member Lee Johnson. This match came about after Lee interrupted Malakai’s recent attack on Arn and Brock Anderson. As a result, Black promised to torture Johnson in this one, rather than showing mercy with a quick knockout.

In what the four man commentary team hyped up as the biggest match of Johnson’s career, he showed a much better fighting spirit than Cody did a few weeks back against Malakai. But he failed to follow up effectively on a frog splash, and Black took over from there. He pummeled Lee in the corner with a striking combination, and Johnson appeared to be out.

And that’s when things got interesting. Malakai Black brought a steel chair into the ring and slid it over to his opponent. He then turned his back to Lee Johnson. Johnson had a choice - lose the match by swinging the chair at Black, or resist that corrupt temptation.

Lee picked up the chair, and before we could see what he would do with it, Black knocked him out with the spinning heel kick.

Just like that, Malakai Black kicked the head off yet another member of the Nightmare Family and scored a victory.

Dustin Rhodes hit the ring after that and chased Malakai off before more damage could be done. A match between Dustin and Malakai was booked for next week’s Dynamite. I don’t think this will end well for Cody’s older brother.

Follow along with the results for Rampage here.

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