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Lio Rush is All Elite... and also a financial consultant?

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During the Sept. 29 episode of Dynamite, we got this video from former WWE Superstar Lio Rush...

It left us in the Cageside offices a little confused. Is Rush here to manage the roster’s money? Our best guess ended up being that Lio will focus on doing what he once did for Bobby Lashley, act as a mouth piece.

It would make sense, as the Man of the Hour announced his retirement from wrestling back in June due to injury. He’s finishing out his obligations to New Japan, and Tony Khan indicated not long ago that he felt Rush could return to AEW after his surprise appearance at Double Or Nothing.

Sure enough, a short time later AEW made it official.

Excited to see Lio in AEW? What do you think Rush’s first move will be now that he’s All Elite? Will he lace up the boots or just work his gift of gab?