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Sammy Guevara hands Miro his first singles loss, wins TNT title

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The main event of the Sept. 29 Dynamite in Rochester, New York was the TNT title match, fitting for a show dedicated to the memory of the town’s favorite son, the late, great Brodie Lee.

For much of it, it looked like the fact the belt Brodie once held would stay with the man who carried it into Rochester. Miro had never lost a singles match since signing with AEW, and it didn’t look like Sammy Guevara was going to be the first to pin him either.

But the Spanish God wouldn’t go away. He hung around like a good babyface should, and with a little assist from his best friend Fuego Del Sol (who Miro’s been tormenting for weeks in a feud on Rampage), Sammy had his opening. It took a lot - throwing God’s Favorite Champion into a turnbuckle he himself exposed, hitting a tornado DDT, T-BAR’s finisher, and his own 630 senton - but the Redeemer went down for the count.

And Rochester celebrated with the sixth man to hold a belt once worn by their dearly departed neighbor.

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