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Arn Anderson has had enough of Cody Rhodes’ bull****

Dark Order isn’t the only AEW stable going through some hard times (daddy).

Ever since Malakai Black hit the scene, things haven’t been going right for the Nightmare Family. Even after Cody Rhodes & Lee Johnson picked up a win on the Sept. 29 Dynamite against Dante Martin & Matt Sydal, coach Arn Anderson wasn’t happy when Cody tried to call out Black.

He explained as much in an electric promo that proves Double-A still has it on the microphone. And makes you think Arn might be wanted for murder somewhere in these United States.

“Cody, stop talking. Stop talking.

“July the 7th came into our life. He has systematically destroyed every one of us. He used me to get to you. But it’s your fight. The first time, he totally destroyed you, you start taking your boot off - what’s that all about?!? We didn’t talk about that. You come back for number two, ‘I’ve got this.’ You finally get him hurt, what do you do? You roll out of the ring to see about me. To hell with me - it’s not about me! You should have finished that fight.

“Here’s some differences though Cody that’s gonna prevent you from going one inch any further. Malakai Black is an assassin, and he’s a predator. He will do anything in the world to win a match and destroy the man that he’s in there with. Ask Lee. Ask Brock [Anderson]. And just the fact is, I would step in and take the fight, but I’m just too damn old. But I tell you what. There’s two big differences between you and I Cody. You pull up to a red light, a man jerks your door open, says ‘Out of the car, I’m taking your car.’ You say, ‘Okay, take it. Just don’t hurt me.’

“You know what I do? I pull out the glock, put it on his forehead, and spill his brains all over the concrete! I’m Arn Anderson, and all that that implies. And I’ll be damned if I’m gonna coach a loser. Come on with me, Lee. At least you listen to me.”

Do not cross Arn Anderson. And if you hire him to coach you? You should probably listen.

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