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Bryan Danielson gives Kenny Omega a new nickname, and issues an Elite challenge for Rampage (Updated)

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Rumor had it that AEW was keeping a big match under wraps for Rampage this week. After a hot opener on the Sept. 29 Dynamite, it looks like they set it up.

Adam Cole and Jungle Boy had answers for everything they threw at each other. Not surprising for a member of The Elite and The Super Kliq, it came down to a low blow from Cole.

While Cole was gloating over his ill-gotten gains, his boys arrived to celebrate... and so Kenny Omega could cut a promo about how he wasn’t going to Bryan Danielson a rematch.

That brought out the American Dragon, and in exchange for Omega’s refusal, he gave Kenny a new nickname that the Rochester, New York crowd was excited to chant.

Bryan also issued a challenge to any other member of The Elite. If they have the anatomy Kenny doesn’t, he wants to face them on Rampage.

If this is the big match Tony Khan is keeping under wraps (and a follow-up report says it is), then Danielson vs. a Young Buck should be taping later tonight for broadcast on Friday. If it’s not (and that follow-up report is wrong), he’ll probably face Brandon Cutler.

UPDATE: It is what Andrew Zarian said it was going to be...


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