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AEW Dynamite results, live blog (Sept. 29, 2021): TNT title match

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Here’s a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Dynamite, airing tonight at 8 pm ET on TNT.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what led up to, and what we’re looking forward to on, tonight’s show.

This week’s show comes our way from Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, New York. It’ll feature Miro defending his TNT championship against Sammy Guevara, and Adam Cole & Jungle Boy going one-on-one. Plus, Cody Rhodes teams up with Nightmare Family’s Lee Johnson to take on the high-flying duo of Dante Martin & Matt Sydal, Tay Conti & Anna Jay look to settle things with Penelope Ford & The Bunny, words from Thunder Rosa, Nyla Rose & Jade Cargill, and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Dynamite live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

REMINDER: Please keep GIFs and pics to a minimum. They slow down updates and refreshes for some of your fellow community members.

Enjoy the show!


I want somebody who’s good, I need somebody who’s right. I need a lover who will, not a lover who might. I wanna love you again and then again and again, but first I’ve gotta liveblog this here pro wrestling show for these good folks.

The show opens with a memorial graphic for the late, great Brodie Lee.

Thence to the intro video.

CM Punk makes his entrance in street clothes to join the commentary desk for tonight’s show.

Adam Cole vs. “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry

Collar and elbow, Cole with a waistlock, side headlock, to a headscissors, back to the headlock, Perry to his feet, whip across, up and over, right back to the headlock with a takeover! Into the ropes, Jungle Boy with some punishing forearms, side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, Adam resumes control in the corner with forearms.

Whip reversed, up and over, Jungle Boy has it scouted, knucklelock strikes and an Arabian press lucha arm drag! Dropkick sends Cole to the floor, he strategizes to take a breather, Jack chases him around and back in and Adam puts boots to him. Taking Perry to the corner, smashing his face in, Jungle Boy with the boot up and he gets knocked to the floor!

Perry’s knee hurting, Cole smashing his face into the apron, back inside, neckbreaker connects! Adam with a knee to the back into a reverse chinlock, elbow smash takes him right back off his feet when he gets up! Cole backing him into the corner, whip across, Jack with elbows and chops to get back in it! Whip reversed, basement dropkick takes Adam off his feet and Jungle Boy follows it with a devastating lariat!

Trading forearms in the middle of the ring, kick for enzuigiri for crescent kick for pump kick! Perry reverses a suplex to a sheerdrop brainbuster and both men are down and out! German suplex with the bridge... COLE KICKS OUT! Tree of Woe, Adam with a kick to knock him back, he sits up, enzuigiri, Perry swings him back down into it, basement dropkick for two!

Fireman’s carry, Cole reverses to a crucifix for a nearfall and follows it up with a lungblower! Brainbuster on the knee, cover for two! Jungle Boy off the ropes, sliding northern forearm, Death Valley Driver... COLE WILL NOT STAY DOWN! Drawing him up, off the ropes, Adam drops him to the floor with a superkick! Jack slow to recover, Cole content to let referee Aubrey Edwards count until he sees an opportunity for a Panama Sunrise on the floor.

Jungle Boy sidesteps, off the ropes for a dive, Adam cuts him off! JACK PERRY WITH THE DIVING FRANKENSTEINER OVER THE ROPES AND TO THE FLOOR! Back inside, he springboards and Cole cuts him off with a superkick! Staggered, Cole goes up top, Panama Sunrise... JUNGLE BOY KICKS OUT! THE SNARE TRAP IS ON IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! COLE HAS NOWHERE TO GO!

Jack goes to reapply the hold and gets kicked to the floor, back inside, Edwards accidentally sandwiched in the ropes, Cole with a mule kick low blow, off the ropes...

Adam Cole wins by pinfall with the running knee to the back of the head.

Post-match, the Elite come down to celebrate their boy Adam Cole’s victory and we go to break.

Back from commercial, the Elite are gathered in the ring.

Karl Anderson gets on the mic and says to be Elite you have to have the Impact World Tag Team Champions the Good Brothers, you have to have Adam Cole, you have to have the AEW World Champion Kenny Omega, and you have to have the greatest tag team that’s ever stepped foot in a ring, the Young Bucks, and even though they’re not tag champs anymore, they’re EVPs— extremely violent people.

Adam Cole gets on the mic and says he said he’d beat Adam Cole and he did, and that makes him undefeated. Nick Jackson winds Michael Nakazawa up as the best promo in all of wrestling. He gets “CM Punk!” chants and tells the crowd to shut up and that he has nothing to say. Kenny Omega says his telephone has been ringing off the hook all week, his social media has been full to the brim of people telling him the same thing over and over, that his match against Bryan Danielson was the greatest match they’d ever seen.

To that he says “that’s cool” but see if he cares. Danielson took him to his limit and cashed in on his promise and kicked his head in, but here’s the problem— he couldn’t get the job done when it counted, and the other problem is that he has zero record and he’s never seeing him face-to-face in that ring ever again.

Enter the American Dragon, Bryan Danielson.

He asks the crowd if they want to see a rematch and says Kenny doesn’t have enough balls to give him a rematch, and officially presents him to the crowd as Kenny “No Balls” Omega. So now let’s see if anybody in the Elite has any balls, because he challenges any of them to a match on Rampage! Omega laughs him off and says those are big words from a small man, and why Rampage and not right now?

Today is his lucky day, he’s the next contestant on the Price is Right! Bryan asks the crowd if they want to see him fight and says he’s not coming alone, and he calls Frankie Kazarian, Christian Cage, and Jurassic Express down to join him. They rush the ring and the Elite run away, leaving the babyfaces standing tall in the ring.

Commentary hypes up our next match and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Lucha Brothers are interviewed backstage.

Andrade el Idolo rolls up right away and asks where PAC is, and his aide points out that it’s been a while since Lucha Brothers defended their AAA Tag Team Championship, and Andrade says he has many luchador friends who would be happy to take them away. The Lucha Brothers say they’ll defend them anytime, anywhere.

Dante Martin & Matt Sydal vs. Nightmare Family (Cody Rhodes & Lee Johnson)

Rhodes and Martin to start, Cody with a side headlock takeover, Dante gets him into the corner and we get a clean break. Tags made, collar and elbow, Sydal with a go-behind to a headlock takeover to another takeover and then a snapmare! Kick to the back, tag to Martin, trading headlocks, off the ropes and Lee hits a shoulder block.

Drop down, leapfrog, solebutt, Johnson blocks the back, back suplex, land on his feet, up and over, ducking and dodging and a stalemate! Forehead to forehead, their partners get in the ring and the match breaks down as we go to break.

Back from commercial, Sydal has Johnson locked in a wacky cutthroat choke. Lee fights out, dropkick connects, tags made! Rhodes in hot with the drop down slap, Martin with a kick, Cody hits the snap scoop powerslam for two! Dante with a step-up tijeras, trading forearms, block the whip, Beautiful Disaster takes Matt out on the apron!

Getting him up, Cody hits the Kudo Driver... NO GOOD! Up on a shoulder, Martin slips out, Sydal runs interference and the match breaks down into “everybody do something cool” territory. Dante with a missile dropkick... NOPE! Springboard moonsault follows, but Rhodes still kicks out! Back body drop to the floor, front kick to Sydal, Johnson tags in!

Duck under the first kick, the second tags him but Lee rolls Sydal through and nails him with a superkick! Dante back in with a schoolboy for two, Johnson with the leg hook...

Nightmare Family wins by pinfall with a cross-leg brainbuster over the knee from Lee Johnson on Dante Martin.

Post-match, the Nightmare Family are interviewed in the ring.

Rhodes says he knows this audience waited a long time for this show and he wants to call Malakai Black out right now. Arn Anderson tells him to stop talking because on July 7 Malakai came into their life and he’s systematically destroyed all of them. The first time, he totally destroyed him and he starts taking his boot off? What’s that about?

The second time he’s getting rolling and he’s ready to finish him and then he goes and worries about Arn? HE should have won the match! Black is an assassin and a predator and he’ll do anything to destroy his opponent, and he’d step in and take the fight but he’s just too damn old. But there’s a difference between them, and that’s if Cody gets carjacked, he steps aside, but Arn pulls out the Glock and turns the tables, and he’s not gonna coach a loser.

He leaves with Lee Johnson, saying that at least Lee will listen to him, and we go to break.

Anthony Greene & Bear Country (Bear Bronson & Bear Boulder) vs. Darby Allin, Eddie Kingston, & Jon Moxley

Moxley immediately brawling with a Bear, Kingston takes after him and leaves Greene and Allin to square up as the legal men in the ring. La Casita for two, side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, drop down, arm drag into a kneeling wristlock. Arm wringer, tag to Eddie, chops, short-arm knee, whip, knee in the ropes, tag to Jon.

Boulder is legal, lighting him up with chops, shoulder blocks, catch the crossbody, Bronson tags in, powerslam and a senton, cover for two! Bears with an electric chair, Kingston runs in, dropkick, duck the backfist, block the suplex, German suplex on Bronson! Boulder attacks from behind, Moxley waistlocks him, German suplex blocked with an elbow. Sidestep, snap German suplex, Darby dives on him when he hits the floor!

Greene tags in, ropewalk crossbody bounces off of Mox and King! Half nelson...

Darby Allin, Eddie Kingston, & Jon Moxley win by pinfall with Violent Crown from Mox and King on Anthony Greene.

Post-match, they call Sting into the ring... SCORPION DEATH DROP ON ANTHONY GREENE!

We get a video package of fallout from Dr. Britt Baker, DMD defending her title against Ruby Soho last week.

Hardy Family Office are in the ring and Matt Hardy cuts a promo.

He talks about how he was supposed to debut here in Rochester, New York last year, but fortunately that got deleted because Rochester is an awful town that produces awful people and doesn’t deserve a legend like “Big Money” Matt Hardy

Dark Order (Alan “5” Angels, Alex Reynolds, Colt Cabana, Evil Uno, John Silver, Preston “10” Vance, & Stu Grayson) & Orange Cassidy vs. Hardy Family Office (Andy “the Butcher” Williams, Angelico, Isiah Kassidy, Jack Evans, Jora Johl, Marq Quen, “Big Money” Matt Hardy, & Pepper “the Blade” Parks)

Butcher and Blade blindside Angels, crossbody superplex, Vance breaks it up! Tag to Quen, tag to Kassidy, double whip, boot up, flapjack / bulldog... NO GOOD! Tag to Cassidy, double dropkick, Evans blindsides him and the match breaks down as we go to break!

Back from commercial, TH2 are working Grayson over, he gets a double Pele kick and a tag to Reynolds! Duck a lariat, dropkick, Uno in to lay Jack out with a front kick! Angelico blocks a double team, Alex with a front kick, back elbow to Evans, Alarm Clock follows and Orange tags back in with a falling splash for two!

Jack with a bridging backslide pin, the match breaks down again, Evil Uno and his faction try to walk out but -1, Anna Jay, Tay Conti, and Amanda Huber are there to yell at them and remind them to get their stuff together and stand for the Dark Order! They come back and clean house, and Stu hits a tope! Cabana and Angel with Asai moonsaults, Alex with a dive of his own, and 10 hits a suicide spear!

Johl eats a kick from Silver, cannonball on the floor, the Meat Man cleaning house on HFO and he’s fired up! Diving over, Preston with a spinebuster, Orange Punch, kick into a rolling elbow, enzuigiri, Stunner, German suplex, Uno and Grayson hit Jora with the Fatality! Silver makes the cover... IT’S OVER!

Dark Order & Orange Cassidy win by pinfall with a lateral press from John Silver on Jora Johl.

The Dark Order stand tall in the ring and celebrate in Brodie Lee’s memory, putting -1 on 10’s shoulders.

We get a Lio Rush video package where he says Tony Khan’s been hitting him up for months to see if he’ll be All Elite and here he is. You can also call him LBO, because he does leveraged buyouts to make his money, and that’s true success.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, FTR and Tully Blanchard cut a promo.

Right now, on September 29, with the greatest mind in tag team wrestling steering the ship, they’re revitalized and refocused and that’s bad news for the rest of the tag division and good news for them and the Pinnacle.

Dan Lambert is in the ring with the Men of the Year.

He gets on the mic and says Jorge Masvidal’s knee is on and in Chris Jericho’s mind and he’s at the plastic surgeon to get that knee removed. He’ll put Chris over, though, he took AEW and put it on his shoulders and injected it with rocket fuel to turn it into the hottest promotion in decades. But this story has a happier ending than a millennial’s night at home in mom’s basment, because Y2J confronted American Top Team and that put his career to an end.

He’ll never wrestle, he’ll never make another Fozzy record, and they’ve chopped off the head of the AEW snake and made Tony Khan’s job of selling snake oil even harder. Scorpio Sky gets on the mic and says about a year ago he stood in the ring and looked at the camera and asked if you’re paying attention. He’s been one of the first champions in this company with a killer win/loss record, and he even climbed a ladder for a giant Sonic ring and it still wasn’t good enough.

But Dan was paying attention, and he sees what you ignore, that Scorpio is a main eventer and so is “All Ego” Ethan Page. Page gets on the mic and says the crowd isn’t paying attention because they look past guys like him because they don’t swear or throw their middle fingers up, he’s never been pinned or submitted and he’s still overlooked.

But they’re not getting overlooked any longer, because he dresses, talks, and walks like a champ, and now he rolls with champions. American Top Team and Men of the Year are THE top team.

Hikaru Shida and Serena Deeb get a video package to build their match next week.

Hardy Family Office (Penelope Ford & the Bunny) vs. TayJay (Anna Jay & Tay Conti)

Heels charge, babyfaces cut them off on the floor and Jay and the Bunny get in the ring for the bell.

Ramming her into the corner, quick tag, double whip, Conti with a cover for two and Ford breaks it up with a kick. Tay with a series of judo throws, putting her in the corner, tag to Anna, stereo strikes in the corner! Bunny sidesteps hers and Conti falls to the floor, Penelope with a lungblower on Jay! Bunny hangs her over the ropes, Ford with a slingshot knee drop and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Conti and Ford tag in, Tay with elbows, a superkick, double jump crossbody, tag to Jay. Double suplex, cover... Bunny breaks it up! Conti throws her out of the ring and follows after to keep her occupied, Penelope with a Matrix evasion to a Stunner, fireman’s carry gutbuster... NOPE!

Ford drags Anna over and heads up top, nobody home on the moonsault! Bunny returns but Tay immediately pulls her out and spins a Gory Special around into a knee to the face! Anna with a Scorpion kick, falling back into a bodyscissors sleeper...

TayJay win by submission with a bodyscissors sleeper hold from Anna Jay on Penelope Ford.

Post-match, -1 slides in and hugs Conti and Jay.

We get a video package for Jade Cargill vs. Nyla Rose vs. Thunder Rosa on Rampage this Friday night.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Wardlow make their entrance.

MJF gets on the mic and says they’re on the precipice of something truly spectacular as AEW continues to gain more momentum, and as much as he hates to admit it, there are four pillars, young men who lead the company forward. Jungle Boy? Beat him. Sammy Guevara? Beat him. Darby Allin? Whatever. And then the strongest and most important pillar, himself.

He brings this up because quite frankly, without him this company ain’t shit, and he’s the past present and future of AEW, and that’s why he deserves to be the AEW World Champion. He says out of all the Khans in pro wrestling, Tony is easily in his top two, but he has a friend back in the day from his MLW days, Bruce Pritchard, and he’s got Bruce on speed dial.

Enter Darby Allin.

Friedman says as much as he loves the whole “school shooter mime on a skateboard” vibe he doesn’t appreciate him interrupting him, and there’s nothing wrong with being the second best guy. Some of the best number two guys are incredible, Sting for example. But he’s Wayne Gretzky, Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, number one around here.

Allin asks if he’s done talking, and if he wants to leave and get what he wants, he should just go, but Darby is AEW for life, until death. And how can he be the #1 pillar if he’s the only one between them to have won a title? Max says he respects Allin for being straight edge, but do the people know why he’s straight edge?

It’s because when he was but a wee little boy, he got in the car with his drunken sloppy alcoholic uncle and they got into an accident and his uncle died. And you know what? The wrong guy died. Friedman tries provoking him into hitting him, and Darby says he won’t break him mentally, and if he’s got anything else to add, now’s the time.

MJF says he’s done here and he and Wardlow walk out.

Commentary tells us that Bryan Danielson vs. Nick Jackson is set for Rampage this week!

We get a video package for Miro vs. Sammy Guevara and we go to break.

Miro (c) vs. Sammy Guevara (AEW TNT Championship)

Guevara charges in, Miro sidesteps, another charge and this time the Redeemer swats him down! Stomps to the chest, drawing him up and putting him down with a big right hand! Front chancery, straight suplex, the champion is fired up! Stomp the foot, overhead elbow to the arm, forearm to the back, Sammy throwing punches but Miro wipes him out with an elbow!

Pulling Guevara’s chain up over his head, gouging his eyes and choking him with it, the chain breaks and the Redeemer tosses it away! Sammy ducks a lariat, Cactus crossbody sends both men to the floor! Guevara smashes his face into the post, clubbing blows, he puts Miro into the steel steps and then smashes his face into them a few times!


Back from commercial, Miro has Guevara locked in a reverse chinlock, breaking it to rain overhead elbows down before reapplying the hold, suffocating Sammy against the mat. He gets away but the Redeemer drops him with a German suplex! Short-arm lariats, getting fired up, off the ropes... SAMMY COUNTERS WITH A STANDING SPANISH FLY!

Getting back in the fight, superkick, sliding knee, Miro sidesteps a kick, German suplex, Guevara lands on his feet and low-bridges the Redeemer out of the ring! Off the ropes... CORKSCREW OVER THE POST TOPE CON GIRO! Back inside, Sammy perches up top, nobody home, Miro catches a crossbody and turns it into a Bossman Slam... NOPE!

Calling for it, Guevara sidesteps the Machka Kick, big corner knee, another knee, jockeying for position in the turnbuckles, diving Ace Crusher connects! Argentine backbreaker rack attempt fails, Machka Kick connects... STILL NO! Sammy rolls out of the ring, Miro yanks a turnbuckle pad off, Fuego del Sol tries to get involved, the Redeemer fends him off, Guevara with a tornado DDT, backbreaker rack... FEAST YOUR EYES!

Up top...

Sammy Guevara wins by pinfall with the 630 senton to become your new AEW TNT Champion.

Fuego del Sol celebrates with him as gold confetti rains down and other babyfaces enter the ring.

That’s the show, folks.

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