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SmackDown & Rampage top the ratings on Sept. 24

All Elite Wrestling

In terms of television numbers, Fri., Sept. 24 was a good day for pro wrestling AND sports entertainment.

Neither WWE SmackDown nor AEW Rampage saw their viewership or ratings increase from the week before (although Rampage is a bit of an odd duck, because the two hour episode was listed as two separate one hour shows... more on that in a sec). But they were the highest rated shows among 18 - 49 year olds in their respective categories, so both companies and their broadcast partners will be calling the night a win.

On the broadcast networks, SmackDown’s final numbers showed an audience of 2.135 million, and a .55 rating in the key demographic (both down roughly 5% from Sept. 17). Even with the declines, and stiff competition from CBS’ Big Brother, WWE won the night for FOX. The blue brand was also the highest rated show among 18 - 34 year olds last Friday.

Over on cable, Rampage averaged an audience of 639,500 and an 18 - 49 year old demo rating of .29 across its two hours. That’s essentially the same as a one hour show did on Sept. 17, and good enough to give TNT the highest rated cable original on the night.

Digging into Rampage’s individual hours, the 10pm ET “show” was watched by 727K and scored a .32 rating in 18 - 49. Those are AEW’s best Friday night numbers since August. Everything dropped for the 11pm ET hour (552K viewers and .25 demo rating), which brought the average down. But those are still impressive numbers for a timeslot most channels aren’t even thinking about. And the mean wasn’t lowered enough that college football, baseball’s playoff chase, or Ryder Cup coverage could knock TNT from the #1 spot.

Seems like a good day for whatever you call men & women play fighting in their underwear, right?

Source: Showbuzz Daily

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