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Homicide helps Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston win Lights Out

Tonight’s (Sept. 24) special 2-hour “Grand Slam” edition of AEW Rampage from New York City was capped off with a Lights Out match. Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston looked to end things once and for all with Minoru Suzuki and Lance Archer in the most violent gimmick match that AEW has to offer.

The match didn’t live to up to very high standards of AEW’s past Lights Out matches, but the finish did bring a surprise run-in from a Ring of Honor wrestler.

Suzuki and Archer duct taped Moxley’s hands behind his back during a commercial break, leaving him in a defenseless state. He was battered with various weapons and left for dead. Hometown hero Eddie Kingston tried his best to fight off both heels, but there isn’t a single man out there who can win that fight.

Just when it looked like Archer was going hit his finisher on Eddie, Homicide showed up to save the day:

With Moxley’s hands now free, the babyfaces were able to regain the advantage on Suzuki and Archer. The Mad King capitalized on the situation to wrap a garbage can over Archer’s head and blast him with repeated cane shots until it was time to score the pin.

The hometown stars shined in front of their hometown crowd, though it’s worth noting that Moxley and Suzuki were still brawling after the match ended. Perhaps their war isn’t over just yet.

Follow along with the results for Rampage here.

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