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CM Punk wrestles in his underwear and wins

Tonight’s (Sept. 24) special 2-hour “Grand Slam” edition of AEW Rampage opened with CM Punk’s first television match in well over seven years. Team Taz member Powerhouse Hobbs was the man standing across the ring from The Best in the World.

One minor but interesting detail about Punk’s debut match for AEW earlier this month at All Out is that he wore long pants for the fight. Punk has often joked about making a living by being in public in his underwear. For those fans who felt like the long pants weren’t a great look for Punk, you got your wish tonight. Punk brought back his classic wrestling trunks for the fight with Hobbs. Here he is in those trunks, flipping off Hook:

Punk also brought back Macho Man Randy Savage’s top rope elbow drop:

Hobbs put up a hell of a fight. But Punk promised to tuck his ass in and put him to sleep, and that’s exactly what happened. Hobbs was out cold after the GTS, leading to the victory for CM Punk:

What do you think of Punk’s ring work so far in his two matches for AEW?

Follow along with the results for Rampage here.

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