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Christopher Daniels returns to Impact

The Fallen Angel has risen. Christoper Daniels returned to Impact Wrestling.

Daniels last appeared for Impact in 2014 during the TNA days. The 4-time X-Division champion and 2-time Tag Team champion will be back in action next week.

The story involved a lot of moving pieces with Christian Cage, Josh Alexander, Ace Austin, and Madman Fulton. Alexander officially relinquished the X-Division Championship to cash in Option C and challenge Christian for the world title at Bound for Glory on October 23. Ace decided to interrupt the proceedings. A brawl broke out, and Ace popped Christian in the eye with his cane.

Christian and Alexander wanted immediate payback in the form of a tag match, but the locker room physician would not medically clear Christian to compete. His eye injury needed further examination. EVP Scott D’Amore granted Alexander a singles match for the TV main event.

Down the stretch of the contest, Ace was in control after kicking Alexander off the apron to collapse on top of Fulton. Back in the ring, Ace charged for The Fold finisher. Alexander caught him in a fireman’s carry pickup to transition for a devastating powerbomb backbreaker. Alexander pounced for victory via double underhook piledriver.

In the aftermath, Ace and Fulton pummeled Alexander. Christian tried to make the save, but Alexander didn’t want his help. It didn’t matter anyway, since Ace and Madman were back on the prowl. As they were setting up a double team maneuver, the Fallen Angel’s music hit. Daniels arrived in the Impact Zone. CD was a house afire clearing the ring of the bad guys.

Backstage, Daniels explained that he is in Impact for one reason. He was interested in competing in the new Impact. D’Amore booked Daniels versus Fulton for next week.

What a great surprise. I never would have expected Daniels to enter the Forbidden Door, but it makes a ton of sense. He can sow his oats at Impact’s fountain of youth as a top star. Heck, I wouldn’t even mind seeing Daniels compete for the world title out of a nostalgia pop.

What would you like to see from Daniels during his return to Impact? Are there any matchups for Daniels that you deeply desire?

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