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Even MJF’s parents agree that he sucks and is the worst

Nearly every fan of AEW knows that MJF is a despicable human being who is the dirt worst. He has zero redeeming qualities. On last night’s (Sept. 22) special “Grand Slam” episode of Dynamite, the AEW commentary team reiterated this point by referring to him as “the bacteria that lives on scum.”

It turns out that even MJF’s parents can’t stand him. During an interview with Fite TV’s Josh Shernoff inside Arthur Ashe stadium last night, they apologized for bringing that idiot into the world.

MJF’s mother in particular didn’t hold back:

“We are the bad ones, and we’d like to say we are sorry. We apologize to the entire world. He is a fucking idiot...I’m happy to always see him get his ass kicked. He deserves it.”

Despite the harsh words, she maintains that MJF still respects his mom. I wouldn’t be so sure about that...

Let us know in the comments below exactly what you think of that sleazeball MJF.

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