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Do not sleep on the legend of CM Punk

Compared to the average episode of Dynamite, Sept. 22’s “Grand Slam” show from New York City’s Arthur Ashe Stadium was pretty light on promos, interviews, and hype videos.

That just meant that CM Punk’s in-ring promo hyping his match against Team Taz’s Powerhouse Hobbs on Friday’s Rampage (also taped last night; spoilers are here).

It featured the latest instance of Punk teasing a heel turn, or toying with the audience’s expectations that he will soon revert to his rudo ways...

And it closed with some killer lines that sold the hell out of his first television match since 2014...

“You slept on the legend of CM Punk. And it’s not my job to wake you up. It’s my job to tuck your ass in. Rampage! Grand Slam! Powerhouse Hobbs goes to sleep.”

There is nothing quite like Phil Brooks with a mic in his hand in front of a packed house. Best in the World, indeed.

Here are the highlights from last night’s show. As is AEW’s model these days, YouTube videos are being doled out slowly. But we’ve compiled what they’ve released as of this morning in this playlist, and tried to catch you up with the rest of the episode via Twitter clips below that.

  • What a Moment! AEW Starts off Grand Slam Week with a Bang in NYC
  • Bryan Danielson vs Kenny Omega, A Dream Match for the Ages!
  • The Icon Sting & Darby Allin Shine Bright in New York City
  • Did We Crown a New AEW Women’s Champion at Arthur Ashe Stadium?

For complete results and the live blog for Dynamite this week click here. To read a complete recap & review of all the night’s events click here.